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Gaming’s Top Ten Cats

Dogs and cats are popular pets, so it only makes sense that they pop up in video games from time to time.

In our list below, we look at some of the cooler cats in video games. Some play the hero while others want you as their next meal. The ten cats below are undoubtedly better than the ones we keep at home – and they don’t leave hairballs on the floor. 

Any and all tigers – Far Cry 3

Nothing feels better than scoping out an enemy outpost in the latest Far Cry game only to watch a tiger nonchalantly walk into the area and proceed to imperiously use every gun-toting enemy as a chew toy. Nothing feels worse than having one sneak up on you and snag your arm in its maw as you scope out said outpost.

Felicia – Darkstalkers series

This cat character may very well be a sneaky bakeneko, or supernatural cat able to change form, but the fighter from Capcom’s Darkstalkers series is one of the developer’s most popular characters. She’s instantly recognizable with her cat-like features and flowing blue hair, and has even appeared in other Capcom games.

Cait Sith – Final Fantasy VII

Cait Sith isn’t a real cat. He’s a robotic fortunetelling cat riding on a robotic moogle that’s being controlled by someone who works for one of the game’s antagonists, Shinra Electric Power Company. Interestingly enough, that’s one of the simpler plot points in Final Fantasy VII, and isn’t as crazy as Cat Sith from Scottish folklore

Barioth – Monster Hunter series

Cats usually like to snuggle and stay warm. Barioth live in a tundra-like region. Classified as wyverns, the cold-loving monsters not only have the agility of the speediest cats and large amber tusks to gore hunters with, but also have wings – because giant killer cats need more ways to unravel you like a cheap ball of yarn. 

Blinx – Blinx: The Time Sweeper and Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space

I don’t know what’s weirder: The fact that Blinx is a janitor, or that he battles monsters bent on controlling the flow of time. Have you ever had a cat? They leave hair everywhere and are extremely lazy, making Blinx an anomaly in the feline world.

[Next up: A cat with a taste for alcohol and one that sprouts wings]