There's nothing I love more than wasting time exploring the seemingly infinite offerings from YouTube and discovering hilarious videos, and some I wish I had never seen. Among these trips into the dark corners of YouTube, I enjoy checking out video game videos to see if anything catches my eye. Here is a list of ten hilarious video game songs. Some of them I can't get out of my head, and some I can't quite figure out. 

TF2 Musical by The Scout

This is perhaps my all-time favorite video game song only because I am such a huge fan of both Team Fortress 2 and The Little Mermaid (you caught me). I can watch this video over and over and crack up every single time. 

Usher's Minecraft

When I play Minecraft, the first thing I do is build a small fortress so that at night I can hide from the creepers. This video does a surprisingly impressive job of creating Minecraft Usher and mimicking his single to fit the Minecraft world. 

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

I first really got into World of Warcraft last year when Mists of Pandaria came out, and I played a female character almost every time and not once got hit on or given free gold. I have heard differently from others, however.

Playstation Song – Eiffel 65

I didn't even know this song existed until last week, and yet it epitomizes my childhood. Plenty of videos exist for this song from Eiffel 65, but I love this video from YouTuber TriadAngelPrototype. While the song isn't truly comedic, the visuals from each named game make me laugh for the pure nostalgia of it all. 

Survival Horror: A Gory Demise

You know I couldn’t leave out survival horror. Here's a song devoted to the fall of a great genre. How many games can you recognize? 

Eevee Jazz Number – Pokemon

For those who have played the Pokemon games, you’ll get the references in this sexy jazz number. 

Pills Here!

It has become a running joke from the Left for Dead series to shout “Pills here!” Here’s a whole song dedicated to the phrase. 

Game Shop

I liked Macklemore before he got famous, and even his song Thrift Shop. Game Shop is a rendition of that song dedicated to shopping for video games.

Took An Arrow In The Knee

Another song by Johnny Medlar dedicated completely to the adventurer in Skyrim and how he met this guy who took an arrow to the knee. 

Sonic Gangnam Style

Being a longtime Sonic fan, I had to leave you with Sonic Gangnam Style, only because it’s Sonic and friends doing Gangnam Style! Need I say more?