Everyone is looking forward to a new era for Sony with the PlayStation 4, but the company's past still holds plenty of promise. We take a look at some of the dormant franchises Sony could tap to bolster its new console.

It's not hard to guess that games like Gran Turismo, Infamous, and God of War will hit the PlayStation 4 at some point in its lifecycle, but what about other Sony series like Syphon Filter? Have we seen the last of them forever?

Here's a list of some of the relatively dormant franchises we'd like to see on the PS4 (in no particular order). Some of them may have to be given to new developers since the original studios may now be defunct or weren't internally owned by Sony, but if the company still owns the property, we'd love to see it happen!

Got one of your own? This list isn't definitive, so feel free to add it in the comments section below.

The Getaway

Last Entry: The Getaway: Black Monday (2004, PS2)

Developer: Team Soho

It was a shame that Sony couldn't make the British gangster/open world really work in the PS2 era, and we'd love to see a revival on the PS4. The series was known for its graphics but not its gameplay, so hopefully any comeback would contain a few lessons learned on that front.

Arc the Lad

Last Entry: Arc the Lad: End of Darkness (2005, PS2)

Developer: Various

Although the last Arc the Lad title (subtitled End of Darkness and published by Namco here in the U.S.) featured more action-RPG elements, we'd welcome the return of the franchise's old school, Tactics-based strategy gameplay. However, this could make it almost prohibitive to release on a home console. Thus, perhaps the only realistic hope for a return for this franchise would be in a downloadable format or on the Vita - unless the series found a way to merge its tactical roots with modern action-RPG sensibilities. Speaking of handheld tactical games: How about another Jeanne D'Arc?!

Colony Wars

Last Entry: Colony Wars: Red Sun (2000, PS)

Developer: Psygnosis (absorbed into the now-defunct Studio Liverpool)

The branching paths of the space fighter combat game would fit right in with today's titles. You could easily add multiplayer to bring it up to date (including online play), keep the upgrade system, maintain an ethos of high production values, and delve more into the game's universe. Just don't give it Move controls, please.

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