Irrational Games' offers an e-book tease in advance of BioShock Infinite's March 26 release. We gave it a read and return with a full report.

BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt (by Joe Fielder with Ken Levine) being classified as an e-book is a little shady. A more apt qualification would be e-short story. Retailer Amazon estimates that the text is just over 30 pages when e-readers are set to standard text display options. Not that this is necessarily a problem. The brief story only costs $2.99, around the price and time investment of a comic book.

It takes place over a few days on the floating city of Columbia in 1909 (the game will take place in 1912). It's a book-within-a-book concept with the inner title listed as The Psychology of Dissent Interviews with The Anarchist Daisy Fitzroy. It's essentially a mix of journal entries and interviews conducted by Dr. Francis Pinchot.

Pinchot hears of the capture of Vox Populi rebel group leader Daisy Fitzroy (seen above) and picks her up at the police station to transport her to the Comstock House Re-Education Center for evaluation and questioning. From here on out, the meat of the story consists of transcribed audio interviews between Fitzroy and Pinchot.

Pinchot exemplifies the philosophy of the Founder faction through his thoughts and actions. Extremely elitist and racist, some of this is difficult to read, but it effectively makes the Founders instantly repulsive -- a good quality for an enemy. I won't spoil what happens, but I do question whether some of the content was revised by Founder hands after the fact.

I enjoyed my very brief time with Mind in Revolt and it does a good job teasing the world of BioShock Infinite without spoiling it. Frankly, I'm much more willing to read a video game sidestory if it's brief rather than a full-length book. Some may scoff at having to pay for it in any fashion, but I thought it worthwhile.