Best Downloadable: Mark of the Ninja

Stealth has been a common gameplay element for decades, but it's rarely been done well on a 2D plane. Klei's Mark of the Ninja managed to impress just about everyone that played it, thanks to its sneaky and satisfying gameplay. Crawling along ceilings, distracting guards by taking out lights, and popping out of vents for kills made this downloadable title as close to a 2D Batman game as it could possibly be.

Action Game of the Year: Dishonored

As you can tell by its other two awards in this feature, we really enjoyed Bethesda's newest IP. Dishonored didn't simply feature the best setting and story in the genre, it was the best action gaming experience overall this year. From Corvo's unique powers to the brutal kills he's capable of, he's a fresh new face in the gaming landscape. Considering how great his starring vehicle was, we can't think of a better debut.