Hitman: Absolution players can compete against the GI community and gamers around the world in the Game Informer Ax-mas Challenge. You can view the leaderboards and stats in the update below.

One of Hitman: Absolution's coolest features is the new Contracts mode, which allows players to create custom missions and share them with other players. I played around with Contracts mode when I reviewed Hitman: Absolution, but this week I created a new contract for the GI community to try out.

The Game Informer Ax-mas Challenge is based on a contract that I created for a Game Informer preview a few months back, in which I tried to recreate the antics of Axe Cop in Hitman: Absolution's Chinatown level. First, you'll have to secure a policeman's uniform and find an ax. After that, take out the King of Chinatown, his drug-dealing accomplice Mickey Caps, and that bum cook Chan Hsu (who in my fictional world owes Agent 47/Axe Cop money). Take out all three targets with your trusty ax and escape undetected for a chance at the high score. 

To participate, complete the following steps:

1. Enter Contracts mode, and then choose "Quick Play."
2. Scroll all the way to the end and choose "Find Contracts."
3. Press "Y" (360) or "Triangle" (PS3) to open the "Filter Options." 
4. Scroll down to "Contract ID" and enter the code below, depending on your system. Note: You must enter the code in ALL CAPS.

Xbox 360:

PlayStation 3:

5. Press the "Search for Contracts" button and our case should pop right up.

There's no limit to how many times you can play the level, so hone your skills and then brag about your high score in the comments section. We'll update the story with the official leaderboards on both platforms once people start competing.

Additionally, feel free to share the Contract IDs for your own missions in the comments section too. Good luck!

Update: We've got the first round of stats and leaderboards for GI's Hitman: Absolution Ax-mas Challenge.

So far the Xbox 360 version has been played 2289 times. The US average score is 127,156, just below the world average score of 128,548. The country currently with the highest national average is Singapore. 

Currently the PS3 version has been played 3970 times. The US average score is 134,503, slightly ahead of the world average score of 129,209. The country currently with the highest national average is Lebanon.

Here are the top ten leaderboards as of the time of this writing:

Xbox 360:

User Name Score
oTh3 Un4g1v3n o 223,719
HERACLES93 222,323
Sharkey1337 221,878
Serjicalx5trike 221,060
RAOH 666 220,271
Joe Emilo 217,704
xTheFall3nOne 216,545
BigDaddyFarquad 216,307

PlayStation 3:

User Name Score
Virtual-Killer 222,739
Kid_Gun_1 221,902
dexter1382 221,751
GodOfDumb 221,623
Hit-Il-Cecchino 221,088
ALONE-IN-DARK12 220,184
The-Major-Bryan 217,764
Spacemandev 217,051
XxMr-HotxX 215,154


Note: Unfortunately, we were unable to set up a contract for the PC version of Hitman: Absolution. If a PC user would like to share a contract with the GI community, just type the Contract ID in the comments section and we will add it to the story.