Situation: It sure would be cool to watch a jeep fly off that cliff...
How an amateur handles it: You've got friends to rescue! Ignore the cliff and continue on your mission.
How a pro handles it: Moments like this are what separate the pros from the amateurs! Drive the jeep towards the cliff, then bail out at the last minute. Watch the jeep stall at the edge, then punch it with your knife in a vain attempt to push it over. Get back in the vehicle and try again. Jump out too late, plummeting down the side of the cliff alongside the jeep. Barely survive, and stick around to watch the jeep explode. Get trapped by the brush fire and burn to death. Again.

Situation: You've crafted the largest syringe kit, allowing you to carry 12 vials at a time.
How an amateur handles it: Create a wide range of syringes to aid you in combat, hunting, and exploration.
How a pro handles it: Create 12 health vials. Realize you never really need health vials and that you could use some stat-improving syringes instead. Facepalm as you discover that you can't sell or drop unwanted syringes, and you can't use health vials unless you're injured. Jump off a cliff in hopes of injuring yourself, but realize during the lengthy fall that the cliff is way too big and you are in fact plummeting to your doom.

Situation: You need shark skins for a bigger man purse wallet.
How an amateur handles it: Wade out into shallow water, then use a machine gun to shoot at the incoming sharks.
How a pro handles it: First off, be irrationally afraid of any underwater animal in a video game since that scary eel in Super Mario 64. Try to run sharks over with a jet ski instead of shooting them. Hit one, but lose track of where its body sinks. Dive down a couple of times in vain, then swear loudly as another shark attacks you. Frantically swim back to your jet ski when you realize you can't actually use weapons while swimming, then repeat the entire process.

Situation: You are in a jungle full of wild animals.
How an amateur handles it: Walk around like a lame-o doing amateurish things.
How a pro handles it: Get attacked by every animal in the jungle, all the time, regardless of whether it's supposed to be a hostile species or not. Note: You can't really learn how to be this much of a pro; you're either born this way or you're not.

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