So, there isn’t war in the world of Pokémon where armies of Pokémon are fighting for the ideals of their leaders?

Masuda: Long ago, there may have been wars. Actually, if you look at one of the movies featuring the character Lucario, there are maybe some hints about the past of the Pokémon world.

Speaking of the movies and consequently the TV show, do the cartoons and the movies and the video games overlap? Is that all one Pokémon world, or are they two separate universes?

Masuda: basically it’s the same place. Looking at it as a parallel world, or in some select spots being a parallel world might be more accurate.

Are there worker Pokémon in the world of Pokémon? Are there swaths of Pikachus powering a city?

Masuda: Pokémon as creatures, are much closer to – they’re not like how our pets are on Earth – they’re much closer to humans than they are to like a cat or a dog pet that we would keep on Earth. Because there is such a closer relationship between humans and Pokémon, most people in the Pokémon world probably wouldn’t want to use Pokémon in such a manner as making them work to do something. But, there are some people with bad ideals, or bad people in the Pokémon world who might try to do something like that.

In the same way humans in our world are a type of animal, are humans in the Pokémon world a form of Pokémon?

Masuda: Humans are definitely separate from Pokémon. The way you think about it is different than how we think about animals in relation to humans on Earth. For example, on Earth we have mammals and reptiles all these different categories. In the world of Pokémon, they are all Pokémon. We don’t really categorize them in exactly that way. It’s kind of a different way of looking at it. So yeah, humans are definitely separate from Pokémon. For example, humans can’t learn four different moves like a Pokémon can.

How do Pokémon Centers work? Are they applying bandages and traditional medicine, or is it more like recharging a battery?

Masuda: The kind of expression of how the recovery aspect works is a little bit different in the games and the animated series. In the games you go to the Pokémon centers and your Pokémon are instantly recovered, instantly healed. In terms of the games at least, there is some kind of amazing device, amazing machine that instantly recovers Pokémon, and I wish I could use that machine myself right now.

Unno: There are more traditional styles of recovery, like the potions and whatnot, various recovery items that exist in the game as well. There are definitely a variety of recovery methods in the Pokémon world.

Don’t trainers who start their adventure in a town far away from the player’s home town have a difficult time starting because of the high level Pokémon and trainers in the area?

Masuda: If it were me, I would think about moving somewhere else, definitely.

In the original Super Smash Bros., one of the Pokéballs releases a Goldeen that flops around and does nothing. Was that a mistake? Shouldn’t it have been a Magikarp?

Masuda: The director of the original Smash Bros. game, Sakurai-san, when first developing that game he came in and talked to us about which Pokémon to include. Thinking of it that way, we don’t think there was any mistake about which Pokémon were included. As to why it behaved in that way, you’d have to ask Sakura-son.

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