#40: Empoleon 

As far as the game is concerned, Empoleon is the best water starter. With excellent typing and a diverse move pool it can easily hold its own. 

#39: Gardevoir 

The embrace Pokémon is elegant and so noble that they will happily give up their life to protect their trainers. 

#38: Spiritomb 

A Pokémon that came to being when 108 malevolent spirits were bound to an old keystone. With no weakness and over 500 years of evil, Spiritomb is a dangerous creature. 

#37: Slaking 

This Pokémon has terrifying stats and power. The only thing holding it back is its laziness, which causes it to only attack every other turn.  

#36: Blaziken 

This fighting fire rooster was the first in the ongoing string of Fire/Fighting starters. It can leap over tall buildings and its hidden ability makes it a dangerous sweeper. 

#35: Rayquaza 

The first legendary Pokémon on the list is the dragon that lives in the ozone layer and protects the planet from foreign threats as well as keeping Kyogre and Groundon in check. 

#34: Hydreigon 

Based off a Hydra, this brutal Pokémon is a tough battler. It won’t 6-0 any teams, but it will definitely leave a team hurting before being taken out. 

#33: Sceptile 

Despite their huge size, the tree gecko is an extremely fast Pokémon. This grass Pokémon is excellent and can take on many different roles like sub-seeder or special sweeper. 

#32: Gengar 

Rumor has it that Gengar was born from Clefable’s shadow and came to life to cause mischief. Whether that is true or not, Gengar is a strong battler with a massive move pool. 

#31: Ninetales 

Touching one of its nine tales will curse you, and the abilities flash fire and drought make Ninetales one of the best fire Pokémon in the game.