Will the whole game world be open from the beginning, or will it open up as the story progresses like in previous GTA games and Red Dead?

Because Michael, Trevor, and Franklin live in different parts of Los Santos, the entire map is open for players to explore from the get-go.

Will Las Venturas and/or San Fiero be in GTA V? 

No. Rockstar chose to focus on making one proper city, Los Santos, rather than splitting that effort up into creating three.

What made Rockstar decide to take GTA V to Los Santos, and not Vice City or Liberty City again?

I’ll let Dan Houser field this question: “Sam, my brother, more than anyone, but also the lead artist Aaron Garbut, were both really interested in the idea of doing a proper Los Angeles. We felt we hadn't done that with San Andreas – which were these very small, sketch-like cities. Los Angeles and the surrounding countryside would be very interesting, giving us good themes to play on and lots of good different gameplay environments – something that could allude to aspects of IV and allude to aspects of San Andreas, but still feel very fresh and different from both of them…The geography you could get outside Los Angeles is spectacular. The contrast between desert/rural Southern California, inland from L.A. and just a bit north, compared to L.A., gives you a great microcosm of red state/blue state theme – different vibes culturally as much as geographically. I think that was something we really felt would be good about this location.”

Will Los Santos be technically similar to San Andreas in terms of being a state, with cities inside of it? 

If you’ve ever been to the Los Angeles metro area you know that so many of the cities – from Santa Monica and Beverly Hills to Compton and Hollywood – feel quite different from one another. Expect that same type of diversity in GTA V, plus some outlier communities sprinkled throughout the game world.

From what you saw, did Los Santos, the city itself (not including mountains/countryside/etc.) appear bigger than GTA IV’s Liberty City?

Los Santos definitely covers more square footage, just as the sprawling Los Angeles metro area does compared to New York City. But just like the real cities, if you’re wondering about the density of the downtown area, Los Santos proper is smaller than Liberty City.

Suffice to say, the game seems pretty big in regards to the map size and the amount that is rendered at once, so how well does the game run?

The game ran perfectly fine when we saw the demo. No noticeable lag, even when switching between characters. That’s a positive sign this far out for an open-world game, many of which are a mess right up to the final few weeks of development.

The world may be big, but just how much will there be to do in it? Will it be big just for sake of it or will there be some use to sections?

Rockstar wanted to make a large world to make flight compelling again, but don’t worry about not having stuff to do. The developers are bringing over the amazing dynamic mission structure featured in Red Dead Redemption to keep players engaged while they explore the game world. Since the lead characters live in very different areas of the map, live switching between them is a quick way to get across the map and discover what lies in a new area.