A huge number of Assassin's Creed III copies made their way into the office today, so many of us will be partaking in that adventure over the weekend. Dishonored, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Lord of the Rings Online, and newborn babies may also fill out our weekend.

Andy McNamara: Since Assassin's Creed III is now in my dirty little hands, my weekend is all about clearing out the schedule so I can begin that adventure. This means (and yes, I realize this statement is part humble brag and first world problems) I need to finish Halo 4's single player this weekend (which since I am under NDA and can't say anything let me give you a hint, rhymes with fawesome). Then Sunday night I'm hoping to do a casual Mists of Pandaria raid with some old friends. And if there is some time, throw in some Walking Dead.

Tim Turi: This weekend I’m hoping to sink more time into Dishonored. The game isn’t totally capturing my interest. Unfortunately for Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed III has fallen into my lap. Will I stay true to my chronological tendencies and hold off on the game until I beat Brotherhood and Revelations? Will I end up imbibing adult beverages and playing old Resident Evil and Castlevania games? Or will I waste away the hours trying to reclaim my coveted Super Hexagon high scores from my scoundrel ex-friend Dave? Stay tuned!

Jeff M: This weekend I’ll be continuing my attempt to save the world from alien invasion in XCOM. I just ran into mutons for the first time and finally captured one of those crystal dudes, but half of Europe is at max panic levels, so I’ve got some more work to do. I’ve also realized that I can’t play more than an hour or two of XCOM at a time without having a nervous breakdown, so I’ll also play some more AC: Brotherhood (I’m still hoping I can get through Brotherhood and Revelations for AC III), and the Minecraft update too.

Reiner: I'm playing Assassin's Creed III until my baby is born.

Jeff C: Once again, I’m going to be bouncing between several games over the next few days. First up is XCOM, which I’m loving so far. I’m only about five hours into it, but I’ve already developed a strong bond with my go-to squad members. I’ll be crushed when they are inevitably killed in horrible ways. I’m also going to crack open Dishonored, which has been taking up space on my stack. I like switching between a few different games, and I can’t imagine two better candidates. There’s not a lot of common ground between Dishonored and XCOM, so if I get bored of one I can just work on the other for a while. PLANNING!

O’Dell Harmon: I will do two things this weekend. Lock myself away in my room while playing Pokémon and XCOM with a giant knitted blanket, and enjoy a glass of lemonade mixed with honey. 

Ben Hanson: This weekend I was planning on playing a couple of games as research for an upcoming cover story (SECRETS) but I just received a copy of Assassin's Creed 3 so I might have to dive into that game. I've started Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood but the dopey plot in the early portions of the games turned me (and the system) off. I'm hoping the lure of climbing trees can drag me through the story, I've been looking forward to this game since the cover story trip. Have a good weekend!

Margaret Andrews: Taking upon myself the burden of keeping the MMO torch burning bright in the office, so this weekend I'll be spending some time in LOTRO exploring the new Rohan expansion. And because I need more games in my life might pick up XCOM / Dishonored / Borderlands 2 as a belated birthday gift (if I can ever make a decision between the 3, gulp!). Also on the agenda: a 3 hour massage (seriously) and the new "Silent Hill" flick.

Jordan LaPorte: This weekend I will mainly be dividing my time between XCOM and DOOM 3: BFG Edition. I might try to squeeze in some time with Hotline Miami as well because that game just looks too crazy for me to ignore. When I’m not playing games I will likely be waiting anxiously for game three of the World Series to start, hoping that the Tigers can start digging out of their two game deficit. 

Mike Mahardy: I finished up Dishonored and XCOM (for the time being) so I think I’ll jump into Red Dead Redemption or a Halo game in preparation for Assassin’s Creed III and Halo 4. I need something light, as I don’t want to get too involved before next week. Nostalgia may get the better of me though, so I have no idea what game will catch my eye (Hint: Resident Evil II, Majora's Mask, or Banjo Tooie).