Update: The game's mysterious countdown has hit zero, rewarding BioShock Infinite fans with a new Beast of America trailer. To put it in context, take a look at the game's development through various announcements, developer diaries, and more.

The trailer was built entirely out of in-game footage, which makes it all the more impressive. BioShock infinite hasn't been without its share of drama, as you can see in the timeline below.


Original story: Irrational Games updated its BioShock Infinite Facebook page with a countdown timer. When the clock ticks down to zero on October 21, visitors will be able to see a new trailer for the game. It's an exciting development for fans, considering it's been months since they've been able to see anything new from the game. In the meantime, we've compiled BioShock Infinite's development as through various announcements, developer diaries, and news stories.

Like many games, BioShock Infinite's development has experienced highs and lows, surprises and disappointments. The game was originally slated for a 2012 release, though it was later pushed back into February 2013. Before essentially going dark on the PR front, Irrational and publisher 2K Games revealed large portions of the game. Take a look at the game's timeline below, including links to all of the relevant news stories.

October 2012

October 21

BioShock Infinite's new Beast of America trailer is released.

October 18

Irrational and 2K reveal details on the game's two premium editions, which are priced at $79.99 and $149.99.

October 10

Irrational posts a countdown on its Facebook page teasing to a new BioShock Infinite trailer. The timer is set to expire on October 21. The game is still due out for a February 26 release.

September 2012

September 12

Dark Horse Comics reveals that it will be publishing an art book featuring concept art and other visuals from BioShock Infinite.

August 2012

August 13

Nate Wells says that he has taken a position at developer Naughty Dog, working on the studio’s PS3 exclusive The Last of Us.

August 9

Rod Fergusson, former director of production at Epic Games, announces that he is joining Irrational Games

August 8

Ken Levine announces that BioShock’s art director, Scott Sinclair, is taking over BioShock Infinite’s art direction. He takes over for Nate Wells, a 13-year veteran who left Irrational along with director of product development Tim Gerritsen.

May 2012

May 9

The game’s release is pushed back to February 26, 2013. Ken Levine says the game needed more time, and that it wouldn’t be shown at trade shows in 2012 including E3 and Gamescom.

March 2012

March 8-27

Irrational releases a series of four videos highlighting a special enemy class, the heavy hitters. They include the motorized patriothandymenboys of silence, and sirens.

March 1

Irrational announces an October 16 release date.

January 2012

January 19

Ken Levine reveals a new difficulty setting for the game, dubbed 1999 mode. The mode disables the game’s life-regenerating Vita-Chambers.

December 2011

December 10

The game is shown at the VGAs, and a new trailer is released. It focuses on the story, scenery, and combat.

December 5

Geoff Keighley tweets an image from the game, in anticipation of SpikeTV’s Video Game Awards broadcast.

November 2011

November 7

A new developer diary provide a glimpse at the game’s motion capture and voice-recording sessions.

October 2011

October 28, 2011

A new developer diary introduces players to voice actors Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper, who play main characters Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth. The video delves into their relationship, including where they fit into the larger conflict in Columbia.

August 2011

August 17

Irrational releases several screens from the game.