We played through Super Metroid in our most recent Super Replay, and we decided to have our ridiculous inside jokes and off-kilter discussions immortalized in t-shirt form. So, we turned to the Game Informer community to create the designs that would adorn two different Super Metroid themed shirts.  After dozens of excellent, bizarre, and hilarious submissions, we have chosen our winners.

In the first category, which involved a shirt based on Bramble Brand Bran Cookies, the winner goes by the handle "Duff-G Duffus" and submitted this art:

(Click for larger version)

In the second category, which could be any other art inspired by our Super Replay, the winner is Nick LaPole, who created this:

(Click for larger version)

We'll be tracking down the winners to deliver all of the appropriate accolades/prizes, but we want to thank everyone who entered the contest.  We were blown away by the quality of the submissions, and choosing just two winners was extremely difficult.

You can see some of the highlights of the entries in the image gallery below! These artists for these pieces are: (top row, left to right) Adam Bass, James Leavitt, Jesper Selming, Matt Ford, Matthew Thomas, Robert Hughes, Sebastian Barbosa, Tom Gane (bottom row, left to right) Daniel Goudelis, Jesper Selming (again!), Leslie Goodell, Matthew Thomas (again!), Mike N. (who knows Reiner and was therefore ineligible for the prize...but man, that's a cool shirt), Ryan Montana, Spencer Lucke, Walter Ventura