When Gears of War: Judgment releases next year, Epic expects fans of the franchise to flock to the new OverRun multiplayer mode. After getting a chance to play the mode extensively (INCLUDE LINK) during our trip to the studio, we came away expecting the same thing. With its numerous classes and countless strategic opportunities, OverRun is sure to be a destination mode for fans of multiplayer. We may have a long time to wait before its early 2013 release, but there’s no harm in formulating your strategy a bit early. Read on to learn about Judgment’s COG and Locust classes, with expert “Q-Tips” from Epic’s multiplayer designer Quinn DelHoyo.


Engineer - Damon Baird

Weapons: Gnasher and Blowtorch

Baird comes equipped with a sentry turret, which can be deployed near fortifications for an extra line of defense. If Tickers are causing trouble for your fences, the engineer’s blowtorch will get them back into top shape. An essential class if you plan on keeping your fortifications up for any significant amount of time. 

Q-Tip: Are enemy Grenadiers throwing frag grenades at your e-hole?  Not a problem for the Mechanic’s sentry turret. Throw one down and watch it shoot those grenades out of the sky.


Soldier - Augustus Cole

Weapons: Lancer and Boomshot

If you tend to stay on the offense during rounds of multiplayer, the soldier class will make you feel right at home. Armed with a lancer and boomshot, Cole is great for sawing Grenadiers in half at close range or blowing up crowds of tickers at range. This class isn’t all about racking up a high kill count, however, as the ability to throw ammo crates can make him an important addition to the team effort.

Q-Tip: The soldier can be paired with an engineer to create a formidable defensive position.  Toss the ammo crate next to a Mechanic as he repairs fortifications to give him infinite blowtorch fuel.


Scout - Garron Paduk

Weapons: Longshot and Snub Pistol

As the only COG class to have access to special elevated positions, the scout is the perfect pick if you want a better viewpoint of the enemy’s tactics. You’ll be able to make your team aware of which direction the Locust are headed, and your tag beacon ability will point out their exact locations to every fellow COG. Staying up high and sniping is a solid tactic, but be ready to call out to your medic and soldier teammates if you’re in need of a revive or more ammo.

Q-Tip: Increase your odds at getting that glorious headshot by using the tag beacon to line up shots on targets before they turn a corner. Surprise!!


Medic - Sofia Hendricks

Weapons: Lancer and Snub Pistol

Many multiplayer games feature weak medics who exist mainly for support purposes. While Judgment’s medic certainly helps the team effort with her stim gas and revive ability, she still packs the firepower of a lancer. Whether she’s healing the team in the midst of a firefight or unloading a few dozen rounds into a Grenadier, Sofia is a massive help to the COG cause in OverRun.

Q-Tip: Just because you’re a Medic doesn’t mean that you can’t be lethal.  Make yourself hard to kill by preemptively deploying stim gas and do battle from within its healing fumes.

Head to page two for info on the Locust horde.