Last week, we asked you, our readers, to tell us your best E3 predictions. We had lots of strong guesses for games like Halo 4, Assassin's Creed III, and The Last of Us. We'd frankly be extremely surprised if we didn't see those games at the show.

However, we've gathered together some of the more novel, and in some cases unlikely, ideas shared by readers to repost here.

Take a look. Do you think any of these might actually happen?

System of a Down says:

Fallout 4 will be announced, and my head will implode from sheer awesomeness.

Gaming Warthog says:

Pikmin 3 and other Wii U games. Calling it now, Pikmin 3 as the July cover. Hey, I can dream. Also the Persona 3DS title along with localization for Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pandora's Tower, and Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers.

The Toilet-Flushing Carson says:

I want to see Star Wars: Battlefront 3 and Battalion Wars 3 announced.

Zombie Apocalypse says:

My wish would be for BioWare to announce Jade Empire 2.

Dantes007 says:

Onimusha 5 and Onimusha HD Collection, Dino Crisis 4 or the reboot of the Dino Crisis series, and GameCube Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 1 bound to PS3. Plus: Jak & Daxter 4 and GTA HD Collection.

Vurtax says:

Bungie may hopefully have something to show for their new project. 

Zebra3 says:

Retro and Nintendo will announce the next 2D Metroid (I hope! I hope! I hope!).

nomadicsatan says:

It would be awesome to hear something from the souls series (Dark Souls, Demon's Souls).

kennyist says:

International disappointment as Half life 2: Episode 3 still hasn't been announced.

my pants are on fire says:

F-Zero? Please?

gamesforever117 says:

DICE is going to offically anounce Mirror's Edge 2 as a next-gen title (meaning Xbox 720 sort of thing).

jerseyboy1117 says:

I'm hoping for MGS 5 to be announced.

boredmrr says:

1. Star Fox Wii U announced and is a launch title. 2. Ice Climbers and/or Balloon Fight returns as 3DS Ware games. 3. More virtual console games for 3DS. 4. New 3DS colors. 5. Huge tease for Super Mario 4, not new Super Mario Bros mii. 6. Return of Banjoo Kazooie and/or Conker's Bad Fur Day.

SnipaJake says:

I would love to see Dead Space 3 revealed. The rumors are killing me!

angrybird says:

I hope they announce Super Mario Galaxy 3, Uncharted 4 – and even though it won't happen – a new Batman game.

darkonion says:

I wish Square Enix could give a release date for Final Fantasy XIII Versus.

IheartGuns007 says:

The new Bungie game with Activision will be unveiled, along with a next-gen teaser.

xking595x says:

A trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Outlaw28 says:

It would be awesome if Killzone 4 was announced! Also, Battlefront 3 would be awesome, but that probably won't happen.

Excalibur0123 says:

I think Square will announce something related to a console-bound Kingdom Hearts, maybe a Final Mix collection.

Thefatpanthers says:

Mafia 3 will hopefully be announced, and a Wii U name change.

Peter Ortiz says:

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Star Wars 1313 is revealed to be Star Wars Battlefront 3.

have some bacon says:

Overblood 3, of course.