Faith and .45 (PS3, Xbox 360) – Deadline games’ biggest claims to fame are Total Overdose, Chili Con Carnage, and the two downloadable Watchmen games that released alongside the movie. Nothing particularly groundbreaking or exciting. It did however have Faith and a .45 in the works, which along with a sweet title, sounded pretty awesome. It was basically Bonny and Clyde the game. It was to take place during the depression and you play as a couple trying to outrun an evil oilman while going on a bank-robbing spree. Unfortunately before the game could release, Deadline Games filed for bankruptcy and never found a publisher for Faith and a .45.

Gears of War: Exile (Xbox 360) – We don’t know anything about Exile, other than that it was a Gears of War game. Many assumed that it was the rumored Gears of War Kinect game, but that comes purely from the announcement that there would be a Gears of War Kinect game, and then Epic Games filed a trademark for the Exile name shortly after. The game was technically never officially announced, but it was officially canceled.

Gotham by Gaslight (PS3, Xbox 360) – Day One Studios, the developer behind F.E.A.R., began work on Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, but the game was canceled. It was to be based on the comic series of the same name published in 1989 that saw Bruce Wayne fight Jack the Ripper in a late 1800s Gotham City. Some art and a video tech demo with distracting cape physics made its way to the web, but that’s likely the most that will ever be seen of the game. It’s hard to imagine another Batman game out in the wild competing with the Arkham series, but it almost happened.