Infinite Options

The UNSC Infinity is the largest spacecraft ever crafted by human hands, clocking in around three and a half kilometers in length, and incorporating technology gleaned from the Covenant during the grueling war. It is also the home of the Spartan IVs and a secret mission that will send them into the deepest reaches of space. All of Halo 4's multiplayer will occur on or connected to the Infinity. Competitive games are part of the Spartan IV's training aboard the holographic combat deck. Cooperative away missions called Spartan Ops will send teams of up to four Spartans on new missions every week. Eventually, the Infinity will somehow come into contact with Master Chief and his battles on Requiem. 

Ruined, Yet Still Alive

The Forerunner structures on Requiem may be ancient and at times overgrown, but 343 promises that we'll also see these facilities more active and alive than Forerunner ruins in previous games. While it's unclear who the new enemies will be on the planet, it's obvious by the familiar handheld shields in this image that the Covenant are also present on the mysterious world. 343 has suggested that we'll see interesting interactions between the Covenant and the new enemy force. Something tells us the new bad guys aren't going to like the Coveanant being on Requiem any more than they like Master Chief being there.

Ancient Technology

Here's another glimpse at the strange environment of Requiem, and the obelisk-like Forerunner structures that still exist there after 100,000 years. Requiem is a special variation on a Forerunner Shield World. Among other things, the Shield Worlds were constructed by the Forerunners as places that would remain safe from the Halo pulse that wiped out all sentient life in the galaxy. Have Forerunners survived all these centuries? Or does something else live here now?

Old Friends?

This Elite Zealot is among the troops that attack Master Chief aboard the Forward Unto Dawn. While it's not clear exactly why the Covenant are out for human blood once again, you can look to the recent Karen Traviss Glasslands novel for hints. In that story, a radical religious sect of Elites comes to odds against both the rest of the Covenant as well as humanity. The Covenant and their appearance near the strange world called Requiem likely has something to do with the fallout from that conflict. 

Fashion Forward

Everyone's favorite scurrying alien bullet bags have received a makeover. Specifically, new technology available to the Unggoy (the actual name of the Grunts) has allowed them to remove the bulky methane masks that once constrained them, and instead wear a more comfortable breathing tube plugged directly into their noses. No matter what they wear on their faces, we assume we'll still get to hear lots of nonsensical cries of terror from the Grunts as Master Chief charges into their midst. 

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