At this point, you can find over 100 episodes of Replay over at our hub page. While we've done a lot of episodes, there are a few finished episodes that you've never seen. On occasion, Reiner will decide after an episode that it's not up to the usual Replay standard, and that episode will be scrapped. A look back at Die Hard Trilogy was discarded during the early days of Replay, and Reiner has also put the axe to odd episodes like Cy Girls, a supremely crappy PS2 title.

Recently, Reiner, Jeff Cork, Joe, and Jim took a look back at God of War II, and Reiner didn't want to air it because he didn't like how it turned out. However, he wanted to end "season one" of Replay and throw in a couple of bonus episodes in the week before we start it up again. That's why this look at God of War II has seen the light of day. I haven't seen it yet myself, so it's up to you to decide if this episode is worthy of the Replay name or whether it should have been tossed into the recycle bin with Die Hard Trilogy and Cy Girls.