Which were our favorite gadgets, notebooks, and televisions of the annual electronics extravaganza? Read on to find out.  

10. Razer Project Fiona

It may look unconventional, but don't underestimate this ambitious prototype tablet. Razer designed the Fiona with one thing in mind: to gently push aside the cutesy mobile and tablet games and embracing the entire PC gaming library. This beast runs Windows 8 under the hood, which means it has access to demanding titles like Battlefield 3 or anything you can find on Steam. Any controller compatible game works with the Fiona out of the box, and the strange looking controller sidebars are surprisingly comfortable. Razer hasn't shared what's powering the Fiona graphics alongside the Intel Core i7 processor, but if people show enough interest in the prototype the company says it will continue to tweak the design and possibly bring it to market. 

9. Samsung Series 7 Gamer Notebook

This monstrous 17-inch powerhouse has been available in Europe for some time. Now it's coming stateside armed with a 2.1 speaker setup, a backlit keyboard that highlights the WASD keys, and a dedicated "turbo" style knob that lets you kick the quad-core third generation Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M into high gear for intense gaming sessions. Coming in a few hundred dollars shy of $2K, look for the Series 7 Gamer this April.

8. D-Link Amplifi HD Media Router 3000

Having trouble streaming HD Netflix movies into one room and playing an online gaming session in another? Check out the new flagship D-Link Router. This dual band router uses D-Link's proprietary HD Fuel technology to prioritize bandwidth to make sure your movies stream uninterrupted no matter what else other people are doing on your network. The Amplifi HD Media Router is due out later this month.

7. Nokia Lumia 900

Finally, Windows Mobile 7 fans have a phone to get excited about. The striking Lumia 900 was the sleekest looking phone at the show. The 4.3-inch AMOLED ClearBlack screen is impressive, as is the 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. The Lumia 900 is coming exclusively to AT&T's LTE network in the coming months.

6. Samsung Super OLED TV

3D took a backseat for most television manufacturers this year in favor of emerging display technologies like OLED. This 55-inch stunner was our favorite of the bunch, boasting deep blacks, vibrant colors, and an unbelievably thin profile. The ridiculously fast response times all but eliminates motion blur, and since OLED technology doesn't require backlighting these TVs are remarkably light. Taking a page out of the Kinect playbook, these displays also feature voice and motion recognition. Samsung didn't announce pricing, but look for these to arrive in stores later this year.