Sea of Rust

The vast desert called the Sea of Rust exists beyond the boundaries of the towering metal cities currently populated by Cybertronian civilization. Rust storms scour the harsh landscape, threatening to eviscerate any robotic lifeform that might dare to cross its expanse.

Deep in the heart of this forbidding wasteland is a lifeline – a last reservoir of energon that could be used to power the Autobot’s final exodus from the planet. Some cataclysmic event created the desert, but the crumbling ruins hold secrets left behind by the ancient Cybertronian civilization that came before. In fact, while traveling across the Sea of Rust, players will see the fallen corpses of massive robots – members of the fallen civilization that once traveled the stars. Now, these robotic bodies are like mountains and valleys in the wastes, memories of a forgotten power.

The Sea of Rust offers plenty of indoor environments in which to hide

Space Bridge

Of all the great inventions and advancements from the lost golden age of Cybertron, none is so powerful as space bridge technology. This remarkable innovation allowed instantaneous transport across the galaxy by opening a path through time and space. Utilizing these portals, Cybertronian civilization spread to distant planet colonies, now cut off from their home planet. The space bridge network collapsed along with the ancient Cybertronian civilization, and its secrets were presumed lost – until now.

The calculating Decepticon scientist, Shockwave, has uncovered a last functional space bridge, and is slowly unraveling its secrets. He has already used it to examine a far distant planet filled with organic life – a place that will later be called Earth by its inhabitants. On Earth, he observes hulking reptilian beasts that inspire his dark science experiments. He has captured a powerful squad of Autobot warriors led by Grimlock, and those unfortunate soldiers will fall victim to Shockwave’s experiments as he tries to recreate those distant dinosaur creatures here on Cybertron.

Insecticon Invasion

While the surface of Cybertron is populated by intelligent, sentient robots, the underground is filled with dangerous metallic creatures of a more sinister and mindless variety. Many of these creatures have been forced to the surface after the core of the planet was poisoned by dark energon. Shockwave has taken the already dangerous Insecticon hordes and further modified them, making them an even more malicious threat.

As a result, large sections of Cybertron have now been overrun by the Insecticon menace. These dangerous creatures devour metal, and repurpose existing landscapes to match their own hive purposes. New Insecticons burst forth from pulsing pods positioned among the towering spires and web-like bridges that interconnect the hives.

The Insecticons have emerged from their underground homes to take over the surface

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