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$30-$100 – You Care A Little

Mortal Kombat Cardboard Standups

These life-sized cardboard replicas of Mortal Kombat characters look as imposing as inter-dimensional warriors, but they’re really as harmless as a cat’s toy. Manufacturer Advance Graphics has produced standups based on Ermac, Goro, Kitana, Smoke, Raiden, Scorpion, Sonya, and Sub-Zero, and each character stands approximately 70 inches tall. Terrorize your friends and family by hiding these lookalikes around ­corners and in dark areas of the basement. $34.95

Elder Sign Dice Game
The Ancient One’s return is imminent. Armed with tools, allies, and occult knowledge you must race against time and stave off his return. From the designers of Arkham Horror, this fast-paced, cooperative dice game will test the sanity and stamina of up to eight people. $34.99

Mass Effect SSV Normandy Ship Replica
What is this? A spaceship for ants? It should be at least three times bigger! Dark Horse’s replica of Mass Effect’s iconic starship only sits 6.25 inches long, so it won’t be able to get you around the galaxy, but your apartment will be safer with the Normandy patrolling the dark corners of your bookshelf. $34.99  3 Elder Sign Dice Game The Ancient Ones’ return is imminent. Armed with tools, allies, and occult knowledge, you must race against time and stave them off. From the designers of Arkham Horror, this fast-paced, cooperative dice game will test the sanity and stamina of up to eight people. $34.99

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box
The excellent Pathfinder role-playing game should be up every old-school tabletop enthusiast’s alley, but the system can be daunting to newcomers. The new Beginner Box offers an excellent introduction to the game and includes lots of goodies, from a full set of dice and pre-made characters to 80 full-color cardboard minis and an attractive play mat on which to host those first epic battles. $34.99

Squid Kids Ink 10-Doh Figurines
The labels to some of these anthropomorphized NES cartridges are a product of user- submitted art and the talented artists at Squid Kids Ink. All nine versions of the figure stand nine inches tall. They’re limited, and the whole set will eventually be difficult to come by, so grab them quickly. $30.00

Batbaby Sharky Vinyl Figure
Is a baby cartoon shark dressed like Batman any more ridiculous than watching George Clooney play a nipply Dark Knight in Batman & Robin? At least this five-inch vinyl figure from Toy Qube looks adorable on our desk. Every time Clooney climbs up there, he knocks over our lamp. $47.99

KRE-O Transformers Optimus Prime Construction Set
This 3-in-1 KRE-O construction set lets you build the iconic Autobot leader as a robot figure, a semi truck, or a battle station (yeah, who cares about that one). The full set includes 542 LEGO-compatible construction pieces, and if you put Optimus Prime back together, he’ll owe you a favor. Make him dress like a maid and clean your house. $59.99

Pac-Man Blik
Pac-Man exists in a dark world where he is constantly chased by ghosts that he can only defeat by finding a limited number of power pellets. What an existential nightmare! But, if you’ve ever wished that walking around your house could be more like that, then these wall coverings might be for you. Place singular Pac-Man mazes on your wall, or line your whole house with them. It’s your life. $75.00

Logitech Harmony Link
It’s time to get rid of your dumb remotes; Logitech’s new Harmony Link turns your iOS or Android smartphone into a smart remote. With the single touch of a button, the Harmony Link automatically turns on multiple devices and selects the appropriate input settings for your favorite shows. Its swipe controls also let you adjust volume and video playback with simple swipes and taps to your phone. It’s like having a personal television butler that sits in your hand and never complains about his salary. $99.99