Tediore manufactures Pandora’s equivalent to a disposable Bic lighter. Once you’re done unloading a clip full of ammunition from this brand’s rifles, it can be thrown like a grenade. The more ammunition you have left in the clip when thrown, the more powerful the explosion will be. After it self-destructs, the weapon “reloads” by constructing a new firearm out of your character’s Digistruct module. Using Tediore weapons allows for interesting strategic decisions - do you utilize every bullet while taking out your enemies, or do you leave half of them in the clip for a bigger blast?


Borderlands is an explosive, over-the-top gaming experience. If the game was boiled down and turned into a gun, it would surely be Torgue-made. This far-from-modest manufacturer specializes in the most destructive, insane weapons in Pandora. Don’t expect silencers and subtlety here...Torgue is about creating the biggest, loudest display of power possible.


We didn't get a chance to see many Maliwan weapons, but Gearbox described this brand as one of the sleeker options in the game. We wouldn't be surprised to see these guns have a bit of a futuristic feel to them.


These weapons resemble a cross between guns of the old west and guns from World War II. They may look a bit antiquated, but they pack more of a punch than any competitor thanks to their high damage stats.