Best Multiplatform

BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is one of those games that, if it were exclusive, would be a deciding factor in a gamer's decision of which console to purchase. Fortunately, that's a choice you don't need to make; all of the cinematic spectacle and diverse gameplay options in BioShock Infinite can be yours as long as you have a PS3, Xbox 360, or PC.

Best Handheld Game

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Just as the God of War titles blew us away on the PSP by packing a console-level experience into a handheld package, Uncharted: Golden Abyss looks like it will successfully shrink down everything we love about Naughty Dog's franchise. If that core, solid Uncharted gameplay and over two hours of cinematic storytelling isn't enough to get you excited, Golden Abyss also provides a stellar showcase for the various bells and whistles of Sony's new Vita handheld. Whether you're swiping the touch screen to shimmy across a cliff or moving the handheld to aim with its gyroscope, SCE Bend has come up with plenty of non-traditional control methods that worked surprisingly well in our brief playtime. But most importantly, Golden Abyss also allows gamers to switch back to classic controls if they'd rather not mess around with touch and motion controls.

Best Of PC


My enthusiasm for Tera's outstanding group-oriented action-packed combat had been tempered by a healthy skepticism about the developers' vague promises about a player-driven political system until this year's E3. A hands-on session with four other players against a high-level boss and details about the game's unusual politics – which sound like a clever balance between Eve Online's free-for-all galactic intrigue and a theme park ride MMO like World of Warcraft – have this at the top of my MMO list.

Best Adventure

Batman: Arkham City

Our hands-on demo with Rocksteady’s upcoming sequel to Arkham Asylum proved to us that Batman’s latest adventure is coming along nicely. Now that the Caped Crusader is leaving behind Arkham Island for the Gotham slum-turned-unsupervised prison, Arkham City, his repertoire has expanded to make moving around quicker than ever before. We were impressed with the level of detail Arkham City boasts, in addition to its sense of scale (expect more vertical gameplay this time around), but the stealthy and sexy moves of Catwoman stole the show.