3. The First Civilization Had An Extra Sense

The members of the First Civlization (like Minerva and Juno) are among the most mysterious aspects of the Assassin’s Creed mythology. While Revelations probably won’t answer every question you may have about this long-lost race (“They’re not space aliens!” McDevitt clarifies), they still play an important role. We got a hint of this from Juno when she says, “A hundred years I might speak and still you would not know us. You with five senses. Us with six. The one we kept from you. To be safe.”

The take away from that exchange, according to McDevitt, is this: “Juno explicitly says that they have six senses, not five. That plays a role in our game and how we get to access Altair’s memories.”

This sixth sense is tied to the Eagle Vision ability and the bleeding effect that causes past memories to encroach on the present. Considering how these central these concepts are in Revelations (and how they are evolving), Desmond could wake up with an almost supernatural awareness.

4. The Templar/Assassin Conflict Will Have To Wait

The present-day storyline is much like its parallel historical counterparts in one respect: It deals with the struggle of the Assassins against the Templar. However, with Desmond out of commission, most of the plot in Revelations will deal with delving into his character rather than resolving the war between two secret organizations.

“It won’t go into huge details about the present-day Assassin/Templar conflict; you won’t see any modern-day swordfights. The character development opportunities are huge, though,” McDevitt says. “Because he’s alone in the Animus, we have an opportunity to pause. There’s still a bit of forward momentum in our present-day story, but we get to push the pause button more often and really build his backstory.”

5. Desmond Has A Past

When we meet Desmond in Assassin’s Creed, he’s being held captive by Templars. But what was he doing before that? “That’s a lot of what’s going to be revealed in this story,” McDevitt explains. “The first conversation Desmond has in the AC series is where Vidic basically says, ‘We know what you are. You’re an assassin.’ Desmond says he isn’t anymore, and that’s a tease. Yes, Desmond was a part of this, and at some point he escaped, and he’s been bartending.”

At first, Desmond’s apparent lack of baggage made him an ideal character through which players could learn about the Assassin’s Creed universe. But after Brotherhood, it’s clear that Desmond’s role isn’t just a passive observer. His purpose will become clearer in Revelations, and part of that is tied into his past and his family. After all, ancestry is an important component of the franchise.

“You see what he grew up in and what eventually led to him sitting in an Animus and captured by Templars,” reveals McDevitt. “We definitely find out more about his relationship with his father and mother through his time in the Animus. Because of the coma, it’s offering a very different opportunity to tell a very different kind of story.”

Many things about Desmond are mysterious. His past, his connection to First Civilization, and his role in the Assassins’ war are not currently clear. When it comes to resolving these issues in Revelations, McDevitt simply says, “Our goal is to leave you with more answers than questions.”

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