This week we dust off a Gamecube title that didn't receive the credit it deserved, which is basically the titular protagonist's life story. This ghost-busting launch title defined the early Gamecube experience for many gamers, and polarized its audience in the process. We brought in some Luigi's Mansion newbies and veterans to sit down and settle the debate once and for all.

Join Dan Ryckert, Andrew Reiner, and guest Sean Lowery, Game Informer's former lead programmer, as we guide Mario's green-garbed sibling through the early sections of the haunted mansion. Neither Dan Ryckert or myself had any prior experience with Luigi's Mansion before this episode, and our inexperience is a good counter balance to Reiner and Sean's misty-eyed nostalgia. Noses bounce, names are yelled, and cabinets are violated in this special episode of Replay. Stay tuned for a ludicrously fast-paced roulette.

Note: This is Sean's first and only appearance on Replay before he departs from the Game Informer staff. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank our former lead programmer for starring on this week's episode, and for fixing the website after all the times we editors busted the thing. Good luck, Sean!

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