The original Dead Space was a tough act to follow, but Visceral Games succeeded by making improvements across the board for Dead Space 2. The problem? Now the team has set an ever higher bar for the inevitable Dead Space 3. As good as Dead Space 2 was, EA and Visceral are probably already looking into a follow-up – along with aspects of the gameplay and story that could use some tuning. The form Dead Space 3 takes is anyone's guess at this point, but here are some things we hope are on the team's radar as the series moves forward.

NOTE: The following article contains SPOILERS for Dead Space and Dead Space 2. If you haven't finished the games or plan to play them, we suggest you do so before reading our wishlist.

Yeah, we get it: The marker is mysterious. After two games of cryptic references and vague mumbo-jumbo, it’s time for some answers. That isn’t to say that every little mystery should be explained, but in Dead Space 3, Visceral needs to stop answering every question with another question. Who built the markers? Why do they make people crazy? What is Isaac’s significance? Give us some concrete info to fuel our speculation!

Zero-G Combat
Dead Space 2 took the concept of zero-gravity gameplay and made it more interesting, allowing Isaac to maneuver in 3D space. That is an improvement, but it didn’t go far enough; Zero-G sequences involved more navigation than combat, which didn’t exactly leave players on the edge of their seats. In Dead Space 3, we want these segments to be more threatening, delivering scares instead of shooting gallery encounters. It’s a tricky request, since zero-gravity combat could be terrible if handled incorrectly, but we have faith in Visceral.

Isaac the Ripley
After surviving two Necromorph outbreaks, Isaac isn’t just some hapless engineer with a plasma cutter. Like Ripley from the Alien series, he has become the galaxy’s foremost expert on dealing with hostile abominations. It would be nice to see an acknowledgement of this fact in the Dead Space universe. Yeah, the government is trying to cover up the whole necromorph thing, but at some point people have to recognize that Isaac is the only dude who knows what’s going on. Dead Space 3 would be a great place to start that process.

Still Demented
Isaac’s mind has been changed by the marker, and he no longer has a firm grasp on reality. This was a key element of the story in Dead Space 2, and we don’t want that going anywhere. Seeing the world through the eyes of an unstable protagonist adds a lot to the atmosphere, since his hallucinations make you question the reality of events. As hard as life is for Isaac, we hope the marker’s effects don’t start to wear off.