Want to know how much work goes into shaping a video game’s story? Before Ninja Theory even began working on it’s new action title Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, it spent weeks building up the fiction within its universe. Enslaved takes place in a future reality that has seen incredible advances in cybernetics, two more World Wars, and the near extinction of the human race. Ninja Theory was kind enough to share its timeline of events leading up to Enslaved, which the team put together before the game even existed.

Eco Movement (2010-2042)
2017: Black Tuesday
The world economy suffers as the stock markets crash due to looming food production crisis.

2026: Climate Disaster
Climate change comes to a head when crop production fails to meet demand due to global warming and rising sea levels. Bio fuels exacerbate crop problems and political unrest begins between many countries.

2032: The Great Famine
The world suffers from lack of food stocks. This results in the great famine, which affects third world countries in particular.

World War III Timeline (2035 – 2076)
2035: World War III Begins
NATO forces join the growing middle east conflict to attempt to ease the situation. This sparks a global war.

2040: Biological Warfare
Poorer countries resort to biological warfare to counter increasing technological production. The world’s population is massacred, resulting in a seventy five percent drop.

2042: Asian War Begins
Asian nations fight amongst themselves in an effort to seize valuable arable land.

2042: New York Evacuated
Due to threats of chemical attack, New York is evacuated. However, many refuse to leave their homes.

2052: War Escalates
Remaining Asian countries and Russia are dragged into the conflict, forming three opposing sides.

2053: San Francisco Destroyed
San Francisco is obliterated by an attack from Asia.

2076: Peace Treaty Signed
The major superpowers sign a treaty ushering in an era of peace.