Perhaps you’re like us. You know The Old Republic is coming, and it sounds like it could be pretty exciting. The massively multiplayer mindset behind World of Warcraft wedded to the choices and story components of a BioWare RPG – not a bad mix. But how will the company that brought us Mass Effect and Dragon Age accomplish such a task? We wondered the same thing, so we tracked down Daniel Erickson, lead principal writer on The Old Republic, and quizzed him on the game’s approach to storytelling, characters, and plot. We came out of the conversation with a deeper understanding of all things story in the Old Republic. Read ahead to learn new details on the complex morality system and multiplayer role-playing conversations of the game. Then dive into the game's comprehensive backstory to learn the intricacies of the its fiction. And, finally, meet the central characters of The Old Republic months before you’ll see them in the game.

First up: Writing one of the biggest games ever