Tons Of Namco Fighting Characters - (Various Consoles)

Picking just one out-of-place character from Namco's lineup is impossible. In the Soul Calibur series, we've seen odd appearances by Link, Spawn, Yoda, and Darth Vader. On the Tekken side of the fence, you have two bears, a boxing kangaroo, a farting dinosaur, and a tree man. That's a lot of combatants you probably won't be seeing in a UFC pay-per-view any time soon.

The Sorrow/Vamp/The Pain - Metal Gear Solid (PS2/PS3)

No one is going to deny that Metal Gear Solid is a weird series. You have psychics, dead brothers that inhabit arms, nuclear robots, and that whole unpleasantness around a cartwheeling, naked Raiden. However, these three are ridiculous even by the weird standard set by Mr. Kojima. One is a ghost that messes with you and sometimes holds up goofy signs if you're looking in the right place. Another is a bisexual vampire that runs on water. Finally, we have a dude named The Pain that throws bees at you. He even makes a tommy gun out of bees (yes, that tommy gun made out of bees shoots bees at you).