Note: This Super Replay originally aired on July 30, 2010. We're repromoting it in light of Capcom's confirmation of the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Popping in an old game and talking about our memories is always fun, and that's why it's a blast doing Replay every week. However, some games are so iconic that a simple 20-minute episode just wouldn't do them justice. That's why we do Super Replay, a feature in which we play through the entirety of an all-time great. No edits, no skipped stages, no speeding-up the video...this is the entire game experience, beginning to end.

While we already delivered what Nintendo fans were clamoring for -- a Super Replay of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past -- I wish to bring something to horror fans who have fond memories of playing their PlayStation alone in a dark room. In 1998, Capcom perfected the survival horror genre with Resident Evil 2. It capitalized on everything that made the first game great, while polishing graphics, story-telling, weapons, and environments. Wandering the zombie-infested streets and Police Station of Raccoon City is a gaming memory I'll not soon forget, and it's one one wish to share with you in the form of a new Super Replay.

What character will we play as? How long will it take? Can I win without dying? Can I beat the game faster than Dan's five hour playthrough of A Link to the Past? All these questions and more will be answered in our episodic playthrough.

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Part 4 (Guest - Jeff Cork)

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