The hot rumor this week is that two blockbuster crossover fighting games are in development – Namco vs. Capcom and Capcom vs. Namco. If these rumors are true, the former will run on the Street Fighter IV engine and the latter will feature the Tekken 6 engine. With each company featuring an absurdly long history of characters and franchises, there's certainly no drought of roster picks to wade through.

Ranging from the intriguing to the absurd, here are 20 matches we'd love to see made possible by these new titles.

Both of these men came into possession of ancient, mystical swords that dramatically transformed them and gave them special powers. A fight between these two major characters would determine whether Soul Edge is really the most powerful blade in the cosmos, or if one of Dante’s demon-powered weapons takes the title.

These white and red-clad martial artists have an insatiable urge to perfect their fighting skill. While it’s Ryu’s iron will that sparked his incessant need to train, it took Kazuya’s father, Heihachi Mishima throwing him off a cliff to spark his competitive spirit. Considering these fighters seek to win every martial artist tournament in the world, meeting up on the streets would be inevitable.

You can see this match-up coming from a mile away, unless you’re a blind Garrador from Resident Evil 4. Both these creepy characters are lanky abominations with deadly blades affixed to their hands. Watching these two tortured souls would be like that scene in Edward Scissorhands where he trims the hell out of those hedges, but with way more blood.

Most fighting game characters can’t quite keep up with Taki’s rapid (and annoying) leaps. However, Strider has plenty of experience slicing up robot gorillas and massive bosses, so he’d have no problem giving Taki a run for her money.

This would be a great match-up for anyone who wants to watch a vicious beating. Cervantes is a zombie pirate with ridiculous superhuman abilities and dual blades. Zack is a child pirate who points his Wii remote at levers and cranks to solve puzzles. It doesn’t matter if Wiki is there to help out – Capcom’s puzzle-solver would still wind up as a pile of tattered pirate clothes on the deck of Cervantes’ demon ship.

Neither of these characters are very intimidating by appearance, but their fearsome ability to wield household appliances is unmatched. In what would be a showdown of suction, Roll would raise her vicious vacuum-arm against Dig Dug’s *** bike pump. We’re not sure who would walk away from this one, but it’d leave the carpets and bike wheels of the world quivering.

We’re not sure how this one would play out in a fighting game, but we want to see it regardless. If Capcom vs. Namco uses the 3D engine of Tekken 6, we’d give the definite edge to the fighter from Ace Combat thanks to its experience in the third dimension. However, the 1942 biplane may feel more at home in the 2D plane of Namco vs. Capcom. Either way, expect a lot of projectiles.[PageBreak]

Nemesis is a hulking, nasty monster that tossed around Resident Evil protagonist Jill Valentine like a rag doll. It’s about time a ‘roided out good guy gives him a taste of his own medicine. When Splatterhouse protagonist Rick morphs into a huge, hockey-masked monster-killer, we’re sure his 2x4 would be enough to make the Resident Evil 3 villain turn tail and run.

These two solitary, brooding protagonists use their impressive agility to scamper around environments. We’re sure they would put the beat down on each other without delay if they crossed paths. Of course the fight wouldn’t only be against Enslaved's Monkey and Spencer, but also the ladies they’ve got by the arm. In Monkey’s case, Trip could set traps for the Bionic Commando. In Spencer’s case, his wife is his arm.

One dresses like a dominatrix and is the daughter of a zombie pirate. The other is a winged succubus that can transform into a cloud of bats. It doesn’t even matter what their beef with each other would be, this would be a fun fight to watch regardless of motivation.

Siegried from Soul Calibur’s alter-ego, Nightmare, looks like something straight out of Resident Evil. He looks like a G-virus infected paladin with his corrupt arm and that nasty eye peering out of his living shield. The only man with enough experience and courage to take out this mutated menace is none other than Leon S. Kennedy. We bet this fight ends with a rocket launcher.

We’d have to assume that Pac-Man would take offense to the inclusion of any cute yellow cartoon characters that aren’t his bow-adorned significant other. While Pac-Man’s arsenal is basically limited to “see thing, eat thing,” that might suffice for a skirmish with these diminutive glorified Roombas.

You know what, forget having these two fight each other...we’d rather see a spinoff title where the Prince stops putting up with the King’s guff, leaving Haggar to take up his responsibilities for some reason. Or maybe it would work better with Haggar and the King in sort of a buddy cop co-op title. Think Gears of War, but with more rainbows and turkey legs.

Phoenix is usually a pro, keeping all of his quarrels inside the confines of a courtroom. However, as an avid fan of international fighting tournaments, he would presumably snap at the sight of a boxing kangaroo tarnishing the sport’s reputation. Not wanting to wade through the mountains of red tape and paperwork it would require to do things the right way, Wright opts to take his fight to the streets against the marsupial.[PageBreak]

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Dino Crisis game, and we have to assume that protagonist Regina is desperately looking for work. The Jurassic Park craze of the ‘90s was over a decade ago, and dinosaurs have been replaced in the video game landscape by zombies and aliens. A Namco vs. Capcom title would be the perfect excuse to bring back everyone’s farting orange dinosaur. While Gon wouldn’t be the most dangerous hunt in the world, he’s always a good partner for a friendly game of Tekken Ball.

There’s only one way to take down a nanomachine-enhanced cyber vixen that can sprout deadly melee weapons and chainguns on the fly, and that’s Zero. The blonde, ninja-like maverick hunter would be a perfect match with KOS-MOS with his plasma sword and ability to steal enemy powers. We’re not sure who would win this one, but the world would probably explode as a result.

These two warriors are no-brainer inclusions for any Namco/Capcom fighter. They’re two of the biggest stars of their respective franchises, and it would be interesting to see whether the long range of Kilik’s bow could counteract the volley of hadoukens Ken would certainly be hurling his way.[PageBreak]

Amaterasu wanders a gorgeous landscape and alters the environment by utilizing a magical paintbrush. Shadow bites dudes’ nuts off to get you the “Scrotality” achievement. One of their games is a good inclusion during a “games as art” discussion. Can you guess which? This fight is the ultimate in high-class hound versus low-down mutt.

We’re not sure if we want to see these two face off because…well…it would be adorable. These guys’ similarities would easily be enough to spark an instant rivalry. We definitely want to see Mega Man blast away Mr. Driller and absorb his power to dig. Oh wait, Mega Man already has Drill Man’s power, so it looks like Mr. Driller is screwed.

Both Wily and Heihachi hold their respective publishers’ titles for “crazy old guy with weird hair.” The inevitable debate over whose hairdo is wilder would likely spark some mild bickering, but Wily and Heihachi’s real battle would be based on who is the badder bad guy? While Heihachi’s brute power could knock Wily into 30XX, we think the evil doctor’s toys could do some real damage.


[With contributions by Dan Ryckert]