While there have been several games in recent years that bear the name Metroid, they've never been in the spirit of the original titles. Outside of 2002's Fusion and 2004's Zero Mission (a remake), the series has eschewed its 2D roots in favor of the first-person Prime series. Those games are fantastic, but it would still be a welcome return if the series introduced a new 2D installment. Last year's Shadow Complex proved that the gameplay style of Super Metroid still holds up, and it was met with critical praise and solid sales numbers. The upcoming Metroid: Other M may include segments reminiscent of the old titles, but we'd love to see a new Metroid that's all 2D, all the time.

2005's Stranger's Wrath was the last game to feature the Oddworld name. It received positive critical reaction, but its new protagonist and mixture of first- and third-person gameplay made it feel disconnected from the rest of the series. Both Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus were puzzle-based sidescrollers on the PSone, and we haven't seen a similar Oddworld title since. We'd welcome Abe (and his assortment of bodily noises) with open arms if he came back as we once knew him.

This series has already featured one delayed sequel (Strider 2 in 1999), and we'd love to see another. Imagine the sidescrolling insanity of the Metal Slug series, but replace grizzled soldiers with a badass ninja. That's Strider, and it's awesome. But of course, the above image of him taking on a robot gorilla already told you that.

Final Fight

A younger generation of gamers may recognize Guy and Cody from their inclusion in Super Street Fighter IV, but their earlier exploits featured them in the spotlight rather than being basic roster additions. Along with their way-too-buff-to-be-a-mayor buddy Haggar, they casually strode down the mean streets of Metro City, beating the holy hell out of any barrel that looked at them crooked. In addition, there were gangsters, hookers, dudes in wheelchairs, and Andre the Giant, but mostly barrels. It's one of many sidescrolling beat-em-ups we'd love to see return, but it's also one of the best.

Mutant League Football
If Mutant League Football wasn't an EA game, odds are good that we'd have seen a revival by now. After all, third parties were scrambling to think of ways to make football games ever since Madden became the only NFL game in town. All Pro Football and Blitz: The League didn't really catch on, and Backbreaker hasn't exactly been making waves. Mutant League Football is a no-brainer for a remake, given its insane arcade gameplay, violent traps (fire pits, land mines, exploding balls), and wicked sense of humor. Unfortunately, third parties don't currently have access to revive this potential hit thanks to EA holding onto the rights. As sad as it is, it doesn't look like we'll be murdering quarterbacks anytime in the near future.