The Worst

Liu Kang - Cartwheel (MK)

So let's the first Mortal Kombat, you can tear a guy's heart out, punch his head off, burn them to a crisp, rip their spinal cord out, or do a cartwheel. Which of these doesn't belong? The only saving grace of this unbelievably wimpy finisher is the fact that it can be used to knock your foe into the Pit. But considering the man can turn into a *** dragon, why the hell is he settling for this cheerleader crap?

Kano - Knee Stomp (MK vs DCU)

We all knew Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe would be tamer than usual thanks to its Teen rating, but this "finisher" would be tame even as a standard Street Fighter attack. All Kano does is roll his opponent onto the ground, then jump on their chest knees-first without even a drop of blood shed.

Kitana - Kiss Of Death (MK II)

Several female MK characters have started their Fatality with a kiss, but most ended with their opponent turning into a smoldering pile of ashes or a pile of bloody vomit. For some reason, Kitana's kisses apparently make you inflate like a balloon before exploding. And like every MK II Fatality that ended in an explosion, there always seemed to be about seven more femurs than there are in a human body.

Kabal - Inflating Head (MK 3)

Kitana's "inflation kiss" was ridiculous enough, but Kabal's Fatality in MK 3 looks 100% like a cartoon. He attaches some sort of hose to his opponent and fills their head with air. Naturally, this makes their body float offscreen and explode into a gory rain of body parts and blood.

Kabal - Scary Face (MK 3)

His head-inflating finisher is horrible, but this atrocity cements Kabal as the Master Of The Crappy Fatality. He takes his mask off, displaying a scarred and disfigured face. As he turns to his opponent and screams, they become so scared that their ghost separates from their body and runs away in fear. Sure, MK tournament entrants are used to seeing horrible murders and decapitations all the time...but heaven forbid they encounter a scary-looking face.

Rain - Upside-Down Uppercut (MK Trilogy)

Rain was one of the many palette-swap clones in Mortal Kombat Trilogy, and he easily had the worst Fatality. He gives them a standard MK uppercut, which for some reason separates their body into multiple slices. These slices then fly offscreen and land perfectly upside-down when they hit the ground.

Bo Rai Cho - Fart Of Doom (MK: Deception)

As the most flatulent character in Mortal Kombat history, it only makes sense that Bo Rai Cho would have a fart-based finisher. It's appropriately terrible, featuring the portly combatant (kombatant?) spraying his apparently poisonous anal fumes all over the poor sap he's up against.

MK has had its share of good and bad Fatalities, but there's another category we haven't touched on - the completely nonsensical. Take a look at the next page to see the finishers that didn't make a lick of sense.