These grotesque-looking denizens of Rapture once lived in the underwater world as typical humans that fell victim to an overdose of gene splicing. Once upon a time these people had emotions, wants, needs, insecurities, and now are completely unrecognizable from their former selves. If you paid close attention to audio diaries scattered across Rapture’s environments in the original BioShock, you would’ve heard a bit of the humanity that existed before these people turned to injecting themselves with Plasmids and Tonics to make themselves better, which evidently spiraled out of control.

After the first BioShock, the utopia turned dystopia experienced a shortage of Adam, which in turn resulted in a civil war among Rapture’s citizens for every last slug. This explains how in BioShock 2, Splicers are far more aggressive and powerful, and have improved their tactics in order to survive – even if it meant going through multiple syringes for an extra boost. In turn, the drug abuse has taken a physical toll on these morbid creatures.

You’re more likely to recognize Splicers by their preference of weapon or tactic – Leadhead, Houdini, Nitro, Spider, etc. – however, Splicers come in different models as well. We take a before and after look at three Splicer models: Toasty, Lady Smith and Ducky, and check out how they have evolved over the course of 10 years from the original BioShock to BioShock 2. The lesson here: Don't do drugs.


Once considered a ladies man, the terribly disfigured Splicer, Toasty, may find it harder to pick up women these days. In the original BioShock, this Splicer model had more of a bloodied appearance, and both shoes for that matter. Now chunks of Toasty's flesh have swelled to unhealthy proportions, bubbling over rips in clothing exposing inflamed bumps on the already enlarged skin. Toasty's ramblings from the original BioShock reveal a character with low self-esteem, afraid that Rapture's other inhabitants were constantly laughing at him.

Lady Smith

The Lady Smith variety of Splicers make up the upper-class matrons of Rapture. In the original BioShock you could hear her bad-mouth Rapture's lower class. She also might've been seen wearing a mask. In BioShock 2 you can almost tell where the mask rested on her face, with the swollen skin creating an outline. Like Toasty, the Lady Smith breed of Splicers have sagging flesh, and while Toasty is merely missing a shoe, this high maintenance Splicer appears to be missing a foot.


It seems Ducky has probably had the best physical transition over the past 10 years. However, while this Splicer now appears to be longer and leaner, he has a scar across the face, a cleft lip and some deformation around the eyes. It still beats the wrinkles from the previous model. The Ducky Splicer model strives to protect Rapture and suffers from extreme bouts of paranoia. He is prepared to take down any intruder as he sees fit.

These three Splicers are just a handful of Splicer models from the original BioShock that you will have to take on in BioShock 2. Will Baby Jane, Breadwinner, Dr. Grossman, Pigskin, Rosebud or Waders come back for the sequel? Guess we'll have to wait to find out. Which is your favorite/least favorite Splicer type?