If you want to get a head start on Mass Effect 2 before Tuesday, you might want to plan out who will be on your scouting party. Meet Commander Shepard's new assault team in this exclusive look at the cast of of Mass Effect 2.


Class: Soldier (combat specialist, assault rifle, shotgun)

Born in a test tube, Grunt is a young, excitable Krogan who believes anything can be resolved with a fight. His Krogan nature drives him to violence and killing, yet not indiscriminately. With his "might makes right" philosophy, Grunt never shies from confrontation nor would he let Commander Shepard do the same. Like his Krogan brethren, he lives for the glory of battle and he is yet to know defeat. Grunt has a youthful sense of invulnerability, but is cunning beyond his years. He joins Shepard's crew because he believes it will help him find his place in the universe.

Jacob Taylor

Class: Vanguard (biotic, combat, heavy pistol, shotgun)

A former Alliance marine, Jacob is one of the few survivors of Saren’s attack on Eden Prime. Following those events he saved countless lives when he foiled a Batarian terrorist plot to release a deadly virus on the Citadel. In the aftermath, Jacob joined Cerberus believing that humanity needed to become stronger and be able to protect itself in the dangerous galactic stage. While he agrees with Cerberus’ goals, he is somewhat conflicted over their means. Jacob is also a powerful biotic capable of lifting and hurling enemies with great force.


Miranda Lawson

Class: Sentinel (tech, biotic, pistol, heavy pistol)

Born on Earth, Miranda comes from a wealthy background. However, underneath her opulent upbringing lies a woman who is calm, collected and driven to accomplish her mission at any cost. She is quick to judge and values her goals more than people. Miranda is also a powerful biotic and tech specialist. Her unique combination of talents allows her to overload enemy shields, leaving them open for a follow-up biotic attack. Early in her life she approached Cerberus and the Illusive Man, and she is now devoted to their cause. She does what needs to be done in order to further Cerberus' goals.


Class: Adept (biotic specialist, heavy pistol, assault rifle)

Samara is a Justicar, an asari who has forsworn having children and given up all worldly possessions in order to wander the galaxy righting wrongs as defined by her unwavering code of justice. An extremely powerful biotic warrior, Samara is calculating and resolute in her mission. She has no problem with killing as vindicated by her asari Justicar code, but she disapproves of "unjustified" violence. Her regal and poised demeanor hides the guilt she feels over a mysterious past.