Late last year highlighted the best games of 2009, giving special accolades to the best across a variety of genres and across platforms. For the first time, we gave our readers a chance to weigh in as well. For 10 days, visitors took part in a poll and made their voices heard. Some of the winners lined up neatly with our picks, but there were some notable differences. Here are the complete results. We’d like to thank everyone who participated.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Nathan Drake’s quest to find Marco Polo’s lost fleet sets players on a high-octane, action-packed journey that keeps our hearts pounding from one daring leap to the next. Uncharted 2 seamlessly blurs the line between cinematics and gameplay with incredible set pieces complemented by some of the most remarkable writing and voice acting seen in games. With a memorable cast, epic orchestral score, awe-inspiring exotic locales, and solid multiplayer component, Naughty Dog has not only shown what the PS3 is capable of, but also set the bar for action games to come.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Drake’s second outing hit crescendo after crescendo with its jaw-dropping setpieces. Toppling buildings, runaway trains, savage yeti-beast battles, and nonstop gunplay combine to form one action-packed game that would make any summer cinema blockbuster green with envy.


Street fighter IV

More than mere nostalgia or fan service, Street Fighter IV takes everything that made SF II an all-time classic and reinvents itself to be exactly what you’d hope from the series. It may embrace the 2D plane like its predecessors, but a total graphical overhaul results in one of the most visually stunning fighting games ever made. Flashy and powerful Ultra attacks, colorful new characters, and fast and furious combat make SF IV the best fighting game of the year.


Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

In this popular puzzle sequel, Layton’s mentor mysteriously dies after opening the ever-so-dangerous Elysian Box. It is up to Luke and Layton to investigate his death through intricate puzzle solving. The game introduces new and engaging brainteasers that require a lot of thought and make you feel like you deserve a pat on the back for solving them. Other puzzle titles should start taking notes.


In Scribblenauts, developer 5th Cell empowers players with the most powerful weapon in the universe: their imaginations. This DS title allows you to type any word into the DS, and have that object appear onscreen. It breaks the barriers of the puzzle genre, letting players pass levels by using a cornucopia of items, from mythical creatures to machine guns. While some complained about the admittedly loose controls, there’s no question Scribblenauts is the year’s most inventive game.