Even before Gearbox started pumping out DLC, Borderlands was a massive game, complete with tons of ground to cover, bosses to slay, and loot to claim. The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned added to the wondrous grind, sending players on an epic quest to acquire 250 zombie brains, among other things. But while Borderlands offers plenty of areas to explore and side missions to perform, one thing that’s missing for many high level players is a challenge. That will change with Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot.

There’s never been any question that Borderlands has been inspired by Mad Max. From the deranged bandits that wander the barren landscape to your run-in with Mad Mel, the game’s tributes to the classic movie franchise aren’t exactly subtle. Mad Moxxi beats the homage over the head with a shovel – but instead of being a simple spoof, this DLC pack fleshes out the idea of a Thunderdome (or in this case, Underdome) with an intricate rule system that makes it unlike anything Borderlands has offered yet.

But before we go any further, let’s talk about what Mad Moxxi isn’t. Unlike Zombie Island, Mad Moxxi doesn’t add a lot of real estate: In the preview build we played, there were only three arenas (albeit each is much larger than the main game’s arenas), linked together by a central, uninhabited hub. There aren’t a ton of missions to complete, or loot to grab – aside from the two new mechanics listed below, all Mad Moxxi offers is the new arena-style gameplay.

The Story:
Like the rest of Borderlands, Mad Moxxi is short on story. All you’re told is that the absurdly busty Mad Moxxi has a habit of killing off her previous husbands.  Now that she’s currently single and has no man to abuse, she instead takes pleasure in torturing contestants of her Running Man-esque arena tournaments, while waiting for the next man worthy of her attention. Is it you? We didn’t get to see how the story plays out, so we can’t say for sure – but like the rest of Borderlands the intro is humorous, and the environments are packed with style. From the mustachioed Clap Trap at the bank to the gaudy stages that boss enemies appear from in each of the arenas, this DLC is another awesome addition to Borderlands’ domain.