We know the holidays are over, but that doesn't mean you don't deserve GIFTS! I have lined up an amazing toy giveaway for all you Halo lovers out there.

We have an amazing package for Grand Prize winners that includes:

  • Halo Universe Series 1 - Deluxe Vehicle: ODST Drop Pod w/Rookie Pilot
    The ODST Drop Pod is a vehicle used by UNSC' Orbital Drop Shock Troopers to deploy an individual and his equipment from high orbit to the surface. Drop Pod features a removable hatch, articulated clamps, two weapons racks, and a telescoping, articulated drag chute. Set also includes The Rookie figure with Magnum and Suppressed SMG.

  • Halo Micro Ops Series 1 - Small Boxed:
    • High Ground Tower
      The UNSC Outpost Tower is part of an old UNSC base in the High Ground multiplayer map of Halo 3, and connects perfectly to the Outpost Gate. Tower includes removable camouflage netting and a multi-level interior with stairs. Box also includes a Ghost vehicle, plus Master Chief and Elite figures.
    • High Ground Gate
      The UNSC Outpost Gate is part of and old UNSC base in the High Ground multiplayer map of Halo 3, and connects perfectly to the Outpost Tower. Gate includes doors that open and close, and a turret on a spinning platform. Box also includes a Warthog and two Spartan figures. 

  • Halo 4 Series 1 - Deluxe Figure Boxed Set: Master Chief in UNSC Cryotube
    The UNSC Cryotube is around 9 inches tall and features a hinged door with clear window. The Master Chief Figure features a light coating of frost; remnants of his hibernation between games. Figure also comes with an all-new weapon, the Sticky Detonator! 

  • (2) Halo Micro Ops Series 1 - Large Carded:
    • Falcon
      This set includes a Falcon, a multi-purpose helicopter used by the UNSC in Halo: Reach. 
    • High Ground Bunker
      This bunker can be found next to an old UNSC base in the High Ground multiplayer map of Halo 3. The bunker includes exploding wall and a working trap door. Set also includes a Covenant Shade Turret, along with Grunt, Spartan and Marine figures. 8 total pieces.
  • (4) Halo 4 Series 1 - Figures:
    • Master Chief
      The most popular character of the Halo universe, Master Chief, returns ready for action in Halo 4. Figure includes an Assault Rifle and features 28 points of articulation. 
    • Spartan Warrior (Red)
      One of the most prominently deployed armor configurations for SPARTAN-IV field assets, the Spartan WARRIOR-class figure includes a sniper rifle and features 27 points of articulation.
    • Elite Zealot
      Unparalleled in skill and unsurpassed in martial prowess, Zealots locate, analyze, and amass enemy intel. Figure includes an Energy Sword and features 26 points of articulation. 
    • Storm Grunt
      As the primary combat force of the Covenant, the Storm Grunt utilizes a standard battle harness with low-weight material for ease of mobility. Figure includes a Plasma Pistol and features 18 points of articulation. 
  • Collectors Series Box Set #2
    This 4-pack collects the second wave of Halo 4 figures, including Master Chief, Crawler, Watcher, and Spartan Soldier (purple).
  • 1 Box (8 Assorted) Halo 4 Series 1 Action Figures
    A box of 8 random assorted Halo 4 Series 1 actions figures. Possible figures include: Cortana, Crawler, Elite Zealot, Grunt Storm, Master Chief, Spartan Soldier, Spartan Warrior, and Watcher.
  • (12) Halo: Avatars
    McFarlane Toys bring Halo fans a series of stylized collectibles: Halo Avatars. From Halo-themed t-shirts and helmets, to full suits of character armor, gamers can make their avatars look like true Halo fans. Each 2 1/2" tall figure is randomly packaged in a "blind" bag Halo-themed plastic cylinder. To represent the customization options available online avatars, McFarlane Toys' avatar figures feature interchangeable heads, torsos, and legs. Collectors can mix and match pieces to create their own custom avatar figure, much like they can with their online avatar.

    Series 1 includes Master Chief, Carter, Elite Costume, ODST, Green Operator Helmet & Reach T-Shirt, Flaming ODST Helmet & ODST T-Shirt, Metallic Gold Master Chief, and Warthog.   

I have included some larger images below but I just can't include images of everything. For more information you can visit http://www.spawn.com/halo/. This prize package is worth over $400 and we will have 4 lucky winners!

Some of the down and dirty details:
This giveaway is open to legal US residents over the age of 13 (get your parents permission to enter because you will need their permission to accept the prize). You have 2 weeks to enter and you can enter once a day until 10:00am January 31st. Good Luck! (Official rules available on the contest entry page)

Click here {Contest Expired} to access the entry page. 
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