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Holiday Countdown Giveaway

The Holidays are approaching quickly and what could be better than an unexpected stocking stuffer? National Guard to the rescue! Leading up to the Holidays, the National Guard is sponsoring our Holiday Countdown Giveaway. Once a week, Game Informer is giving away a $100 GameStop gift card. To enter, go to our special National Guard hub page [sorry, sweepstakes has expired], where you find the official entry button. While you're there, explore what the National Guard has to offer you. They are an amazing organization with even more amazing soldiers protecting our communities and our country.

  • idk

  • After reading the comments, it's become clear that the link just doesn't work on Internet Explorer. Using other browsers, entrants seem to be having better luck.

  • Keep up the good work.

  • For about three days I couldn't enter because it said the page didn't exist. Did anyone else have this problem or just me? I think it was between Wednesday the 12th to Friday the 14th.
  • I like how it was extended to the 22nd. Kinda funny with all this Mayan Calendar talk going on.

  • Thank you gameinformer and the National Guard for this amazing promotion during the Holiday season.

  • my new PS3 assasins creed bundle

  • can someone who has a browser that isn't internet explorer open the web page coding and find the link to enter, then post it here please???

  • That would be sweet to have