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Armored Ultrabook Sweepstakes

We all know how important it is to keep security tight on our computers and game accounts. So when we heard about the new Intel® Identity Protection Technology, naturally we got curious. Without going into too much detail, here's a very simple description from their website: Built into the hardware of 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor-based Ultrabook devices, Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) operates simply and efficiently inside a tamper-resistant space in your computer’s hardware. It operates outside of the operating system and clear of prying eyes. And now our friends at GameStop have partnered with Intel to secure your game accounts. It's like having your own personal ninja bouncer protecting your stuff.

This is not only an awesome product, but extremely good one. And, after talking with the incredibly smart people at Intel, we were able to secure a brand new Dell Ultrabook with Intel® Identity Protection Technology for our sweepstakes. One lucky Game Informer reader will get a

Dell® XPS 13 Ultrabook™
·         2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor
·         Microsoft® Windows 8
·         Intel® Identity Protection Technology
·         128GB Solid State Drive

Entries will be accepted until December 6th at 12:01AM. You may enter once a day from now until the end date to increase your chances. CLICK HERE to get to the submission page and make your entry official.  [Sorry, Sweepstakes expired]

For more information about the partnership between Intel® and GameStop, click here.
For more information about Intel® Identity Protection Technology, click here.

Good luck!

  • I would love to own a Dell!  My boyfriend buys only Dell and they are fantastic!  Only problem is that I can not afford to buy any computer and would Love to Win this one!

    Thank You for the opportunity!

  • Wish they could give you some REAL armor with this baby! Now THAT would be a sweepstakes!

  • cool

  • I REALLY,REALLY,REALLY want to win this !!! Thank you for the chance !

  • @ Orange chick. look up above at the second paragraph from here... there is a "click here" link in blue that will take you to the submission page :)

    Good Luck

  • sweet

  • awesome cool

  • Um...... I like my tech without chain mail.

  • sweet

  • Mary steele krieg

    great prize


  • cool

  • awesome

  • I would gladly kill 8-10 people for this sucker.

  • awesome

  • this is way cool

  • the link is bad but want to enter

  • I hope I win this, this would be a great christmas present and good thanksgiving present for anyone to have, hopefully i get lucky, and good luck to all.

  • This must be how one enters since it's obvious that making it clear how to enter was apparently too obvious to be made clear.....say what? I wanna win yet the link to where to enter takes you to a page WITHOUT a way to enter...oh wait this is like in zelda where ya need to duck & turn left under the stairs ....right?
  • cool and awesome