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Smell Like a Winner with Old Spice. A 3DS Winner, that is.

Our friends at Old Spice, who just always smell so darn good, are giving away a brand spanking new Nintendo 3DS to one lucky reader. It's really simple. All you have to do is click on this link [sorry, too late] and then hit the "enter here" button on the next page. And very soon you could be that guy/girl everybody wants to wrestle at the dentist's office, because you'll be the only one not reading "Garden & Gun" magazine's spring Daffodil extravaganza. Sweepstakes expires on 11/11/11, so hurry!  [psst, I secretly extended the contest. Can't tell you for how long, but get as many extra entries as you can ;-]

In the famous words of the great Fresh Prince: “Smell ya later!”

  • ~OLD SPICE & 3DS~SWEET~ (;
  • My dad was an Old Spice man

  • ~Nintendo3DS & Old Spice~LOVE BOTH~ (;

  • Staff

    Just four more days! Better get your name in there!

  • The men in my life husband and son both love using Old spice it is a good habit for a 13yr old boy to pick up!
  • My hubby is an OLD SPICE man♥ (;
  • Staff
    Question of the day: "When riding a war rhino home from work in the carpool lane, does the rhino count as one or two passengers?" Find the answer if you click on the FB link in the contest post.

  • I am broke as hell. Give me one! :O

  • would love to win for my kid

  • SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please Please PLEASE!!!!!!

  • I really need this!

  • Staff

    Only 27 hours left! Get you name in there one last time!

  • ~The nintendo3DS is the PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT for my SPICEy SWEETIE PIE♥Smells like a WiNNER!!!

  • My kids want one of these badly. Would be great to win.

  • Need this for Xmas!

  • I think I smell a winner. Oh yea its all me....

  • This thing's rigged, you can enter more than once.
  • Sweet.