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Game Informer's Assassin's Creed Revelations Pre-Order Sweepstakes

Attention Assassin's Creed Fans! 

Game Informer knows how badly everyone wants this game so we've partnered with Ubisoft to help you out with some awesome goodies.

Grand Prize (1 Winner)
Assassin's Creed Revelations
$50 GameStop Gift Card
An Exclusive Autographed Assassin's Creed Revelations Game Informer Cover (Issue 218) 

1st Runner Up (1 Winner)
Assassin's Creed Revelations
$50 GameStop Gift Card

2nd Runner Up (10 Winners)
Assassin's Creed Revelations

You have until November 15th to enter and we will choose two winners from each weeks entries with the grand prize and 1st runners up to be drawn from the final weeks entries so come back often and enter! To enter, simply follow this link {sorry, this contest has ended} and click the enter button on the entry page. That's it! Good luck!


While you're waiting for winners to be announced you can always pre-order at GameStop® and guarantee yourself copy. With every pre-order you get a FREE Signature Edition Upgrade which includes:

  • Bonus Single-Player Mission with Unlockable Sword
  • Exclusive Multiplayer Character
  • 3 Weapon Ammo Capacity Upgrades
  • Animated Short Film
  • Original Game Soundtrack


  • I love assassins creed

  • i realy just want the issue because i aleady pre-ordered it.

  • This game is AWESOME.

  • cross my fingers...i never win anything but hey todays a new sweepstakes next issue the same :)

  • would u like to let me win ?

  • what if i pre ordered already?

  • yay! the page where you go to enter doesn't even load.
  • That's awesome, I pre-ordered this game at the midnite launch of L.A. Noire and it actually won me a prize just cause I pre-ordered it that nite. I was like oh hell yeah, even though they prize was a Halo gift, it was still awesome that I won. This game shall bring me more good luck lol

  • id be nice if i could actually win something..these are really nice contests with things id actually want to win..i just cross my fingers and get ready for the "not gona happen"    lol

  • Would someone mind telling me where the enter button is? I just see a blank page with only "click here for full sweepstakes rules" on it. Clicking on that just gives the rules of the contest
  • already pre order A.C.R. lol cant wait

  • i hope i win if i had pre-order it! :P!

  • Staff

    Alright everyone I just sent out two more winner notifications for week 2! Check your emails and stay tuned for the announcement once they are confirmed! Thanks!

  • Man ..... this would be great to have, and the FIFTY DOLLAR GAMESTOP CARD!!!! When are they going to make sweepstakes for TES V Skyrim? I REALLY WANT THAT GAMES!!!!!!!
  • So if you pre-order the game you have a chance to win the game?
  • *** no emails saying I won! This is the 50th contest I've been entering (and everyday too) related to gaming haha and one of the contests had 3 entry's and I still lost *_*
  • The page is blank when I go to the entry do you fix it?
  • I have to have this game!
  • Staff

    Well ladies and gentleman, I only received one response to the two emails I sent out so I'm going to be drawing a new winner today. I am happy to announce I did confirm ONE winner and his name is Chris F from PA! Congrats Chris!

  • By any chance can we get the email so we can add it to our safe list? It's not really fair if it ends up in junk folder or spam folder or we accidentally delete it when it is in one of those folders. Most of us don't bother to look there cause 'spam' isn't very appealing :) If I win I know I'd want to be able to respond ya know? I've been entering since it began so here's to crossing my fingers! Good luck everyone!