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The Great 2011 Holiday Video Game Showdown

Pick Your Most-Anticipated Games Of This Holiday & Win Prizes!

This year's crop of holiday games is as good a selection of games as we can remember. With all this fierce competition for your gaming dollar, we want to know which holiday games you plan to buy.

Please take our quick survey on a select bunch of holiday games (which we're defining as coming out from October until the end of the year – all release dates subject to change) and you'll have a chance to win some fabulous prizes. Three random entrants will win a Game Informer swag bag of assorted goodies. Be sure to complete the survey by entering you email address at the very end. GOOD LUCK!

Click here to take survey!  [sorry, too late.]

  • once agian i didnt win :(  but it'd be nice to know who did??

  • aww i didn't win :'(
  • how long has this been up T_T

  • they need to put up new contests like every week or so that way i can know when thwy will have contests

  • When do we find out when I won...

    And by me I mean when the real 3 winners are announced

  • definatly MW3

  • Skyrim FTW

  • Well I know im not going to win but whatever cause I cant wait untill, oblivion 5, and bioshock to come out

  • Too late? that's lame. They should run it on until at least one of those games comes out T_T

  • TOO Late

  • Who won? And what do you win?

  • when the next contest? not a bad idea fill a survey chance to win.

  • When's the next cotest

  • *contest* can't edit with ipad

  • ive never won anything

  • whens the next contest

  • still waiting for 2 email confirms... you should scrap that and re-draw... and of course pick me



  • i never win this kinda stuff