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The Great 2011 Holiday Video Game Showdown

Pick Your Most-Anticipated Games Of This Holiday & Win Prizes!

This year's crop of holiday games is as good a selection of games as we can remember. With all this fierce competition for your gaming dollar, we want to know which holiday games you plan to buy.

Please take our quick survey on a select bunch of holiday games (which we're defining as coming out from October until the end of the year – all release dates subject to change) and you'll have a chance to win some fabulous prizes. Three random entrants will win a Game Informer swag bag of assorted goodies. Be sure to complete the survey by entering you email address at the very end. GOOD LUCK!

Click here to take survey!  [sorry, too late.]

  • i never win these...or any contests for that matter
  • Ive never won... Yet

  • Not sure if anyone wins anymore since they dont post it so here goes nothing!
  • I've won twice :P Once the WOW: Burning Crusade expansion then a Dragonica card XD
  • i hope i win if not alls well

  • I never win any contest here's hoping I win this.

  • I'm feeling the same as everyone else: I've never won anything before either. Hopefully that'll change soon.
  • Mod

    Here's hopin'!

  • i would really love to win considering i have a lot of games i want to buy and im low on cash, i've never won anything so id love to win

  • skyrim all the way...I was dissapointed that you guys didnt include halo combat evolved remake in the survey tho
  • Why isn't Gears of War 3 on this list?
  • @Tommy H how the hell can you win twice thats not fair >.
  • I hope i win this.

  • There is a ton of games that are coming out this year that look epically AMAZING! I'm trying to save up for all the ones that I want as well as my boyfriend. So even if I don't win this at least I know that I will have at least one of the games I want by the end of the year.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  • Love these surveys, I hope I win something cool.

  • hoping i can get something out of this

  • do they even announce the winners anymore?

  • i took the survey and i hope i win!! soo many awesome games coming out that i really want!! :) how come gears of 3 and halo combat eveoled werent on there?? i never win but i have my fingers crossed for this...
  • I would love to win something :)

  • I hope to win at least  something. so many games that i want and not be able to get at least one since im broke and jobless. crap lol

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