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Matt Damon Bundle Sweepstakes

Matt Damon fans, pay attention!

To celebrate the release of The Adjustment Bureau on Blu-RayTM and DVD June 21st we have put together a great bundle for one lucky winner.

Our Grand Prize winner will receive:

  • The Adjustment Bureau Blu-RayTM/DVD Combo Pack
  • The Bourne Trilogy on DVD
  • A Blu-Ray Player (Manufacturer and Model TBD)

Don't worry! If you're not our lucky Grand Prize winner, we still have copies of The Adjustment Bureau Blu-RayTM/DVD Combo Pack to give away to 15 lucky runner-up winners, so don't miss your chance! Click this link {sorry, sweepstakes is expired} to enter!

Good Luck!

Contest ends 10am CST June 29th.

  • I love entering sweepstakes but i'm not so sure on this one. The only thing I really want is the blu-ray player. So I think i'm going to give this one up and just let other people who actually want the whole set to enter. I'd rather someone who wants everything win than someone who just wants one thing or enters for no reason to win because the one who wanted it will be more appreciative of it. Good luck to whoever wins :-)
  • Loveee it hope i win

  • LIKE

  • Cool. Id like to win this one.

  • My destiny is to win this for my son. We really  could use a Blue-Ray player

  • another cool prize,TY

  • Please enter me to win this prize.  Thanks.

  • like

  • sweet hope i win.

  • Awesome prize!!  Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Nice!

  • (Team America voice) Matt......Damon....

  • cool if i win.
  • I would like to enter and win the Adjustment Bureau..., The Bourne Triology... and A Blue-Ray Player... Here's my info: ElsieMay Kinney 19119 64TH CT NE KENMORE, WA 98028-3352 USA 425-440-8897
  • I would love to win the entire package.  The win would be an early

    Christmas for me?  

  • I am ready to win this great package.  All you have to do is draw

    my entry and send?  Thanks!

  • Luv the bundling of great stuff!!!

  • yea i am the winner you are looking fore

  • I love all contests t his one is no exception.  Looking forward to having a blue ray/ dvd combo pack.

  • hope i win cool prize.

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