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How About a $50.00 Gift Card for Your Opinion?????

We're giving away some cool stuff, so take a moment to complete a quick survey and you'll be entered for a chance to Win!  It's that simple. 

Grand Prize (1 winner)

• $50.00 GameStop gift card

Runner-Up (3 winners)

• An autographed Limited Edition "30 Characters Who Defined a Decade" panoramic  poster.

Follow this link {expired} to answer a few questions and you'll be entered to win! Time is running out Extended until 9am Monday June 6th.

For contest rules send an email to


  • First and i need
  • Free money! Me want!!!
  • black ops for free... good deal...

  • Awsome, ill give this a try.

  • i would love this!!  :)

  • I just want the poster.

  • :)

  • Mod

    Yay contests!

  • Hooray! I just entered and I hope I win!!!

  • Mod

    Might as well take a shot at it.

  • I want  it!!!!!!!!!!!! there both pretty good though.:)

  • i would love that

  • i had my chance to comment first and man do i want this but i dont need it as bad as some of you


  • poster rocks

  • this is good i guess

  • PFfft i dont knw bout you guys but im wining this.

  • why dose it not say its expired it was suppose to be over yesterday

  • no one NEEDS this...its a $50 gift card for want it but you don't need is not a necessity to survival...if you were starving on the streets and it was a $50 gift card for food then you would need it
  • please

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