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Want to win a Nintendo 3DS?

We're giving away some cool stuff, so take a moment to complete a quick survey and you'll be entered for a chance to Win!  It's that simple. 

Grand Prize (1 winner)

• A Nintendo 3DS and a $100 GameStop Giftcard

Runner-Up (10 winners)

• An autographed Limited Edition double-sided poster featuring two of our stunning Bioshock Infinite covers and an autographed Limited Edition
"30 Characters Who Defined a Decade" poster.

To Participate in the Survey
Click Here (Sorry, too late)

(for a copy of contest rules contact rules@gameinformer.com)


  • I never win anything so I would be happy with just the poster.

  • This would be the best going to college present ever.

  • my 6 year old was disappointed the easter bunny did not bring him a DS, what does he think, that the bunny is rich?!!

  • I don't ever win anything so it'd be nice if I actually won anything.  It would be one of the happiest days of my life!

  • when do they anounce the winners??

  • My first contest!!

  • who won

  • who won

  • mine mine mine all mine.... i hope

  • did i win

  • When do they announce the winners?

  • I would like to win