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Want to win a Nintendo 3DS?

We're giving away some cool stuff, so take a moment to complete a quick survey and you'll be entered for a chance to Win!  It's that simple. 

Grand Prize (1 winner)

• A Nintendo 3DS and a $100 GameStop Giftcard

Runner-Up (10 winners)

• An autographed Limited Edition double-sided poster featuring two of our stunning Bioshock Infinite covers and an autographed Limited Edition
"30 Characters Who Defined a Decade" poster.

To Participate in the Survey
Click Here (Sorry, too late)

(for a copy of contest rules contact rules@gameinformer.com)


  • Completed the survey. Hopefully I win the Grand Prize...haven't won anything from GameStop in the years I've been subscribed/buying issues.
  • My only question is if you are able to enter this contest more than once for increased chance of winning like past GameSpot contests.
  • So no giftcards for runner-ups???

    Just kidding. I'd be happy with those posters too (it would def. make my brother's head blow up XD)
  • Completed the survey, be cool if I won but I'm happy as long as someone deserving wins!!!! Thanks GI, your awesome!

  • Please give me the 3DS! I'll take good care of it!

  • I just entered, hope i'm not too late!!!!!

  • Sweet, a 3DS and a $100 gift card...

    Thank you Gameinformer!

  • I just entered this contest just for the fact that I can win free merchandise! YEEEHAW!!!

  • I soooooooo want to win

  • I'd be more excited to win the 3DS, but winning those posters would be sweet too.

  • Really hope to win the grand prize!!!

  • I really hope I win, but its like 1 in a million so ill probably lose

  • hook me up!!!

  • i hope i win and i have faith with me!!!

  • I never win. The last thing I ever won was a Virtual boy from a blockbuster raffle.
  • Completed the survey. I really want to win the second place prize, but the grand prize is nice too. Good luck all!!

  • I call grand prize!

    Ha! I automatically win! Bwhaahaahaa!

  • see if i actually win anything from this website.

  • Done heres hoping i win this one!

  • I can't afford the 3ds so I hope I win it
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