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Closed Beta Key Give Away: Pandora Saga

Beta keys! Get your beta keys here!

Our friends at Atlus Online are giving us a limited amount of keys for their upcoming MMORPG Pandora Saga. This is a Closed Beta, so you will be in a unique situation. For one, in appreciation of your contributions to Pandora Saga, Closed Beta participants will receive a special reward when the game's Open Beta period begins in early January.
In order to provide as complete a Pandora Saga experience as possible, an accelerated experience curve will allow for faster progression in and exploration through the game world.  Moreover, the Closed Beta is set to conclude with a War of Nations (5:30pm to 9:00pm PT on Sunday, December 19th), an excellent preview of the large-scale battles Pandora Saga promises to deliver when it launches on Atlus Online's interactive portal in early 2011.

We have a very limited amount, so click here [sorry, too late] and then register for a Beta Key!  The Closed Beta phase begins on December 16th. Entering this giveaway does not guarantee you will receive a key. Keys will be sent to the email address linked with your profile on the evening of December 15th.

For more information, visit their official site at

Here's their Teaser Trailer:

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    I already have a closed beta key. Should be interesting since I've never played an MMO before.
  • Is this for PC or consoles? I've never played an MMORPG either, mostly due to not owning a good enough PC until recently, and that is where all the good ones are.

  • There are many good MMO's out there. Hopefully this will be a good MMO since Atlus made it.

  • Mod

    Woah I won! Sweet, thanks guys! :)

  • I got a key, but i decided i dont want it. If anyone wants it i will forward the e-mail to you. First come first serve.

  • Thanks for the key GI!

  • great prize...............good luck

  • Ah heck, I'm too late :D Congratulations to all the winners and may you have a lot of fun reporting bugs in the closed beta!