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Buck Says: Make It Rain... Gift Cards! Giveaway

Buck the Bunny is back! Having jumped his way through perilous forests, dark caves, and ancient castles, our furry friend returns and he is sharing his new-found fortune. - Wha' happen'? - Yes, Bunny has become quite the action hero in "Buck and the Coin of Destiny," a new platformer for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Bunny as Indiana Jones? Robin Hood? Ever wonder what "arrgh" sounds like coming from a cute, furry hopper in a pirate suit?

Buck's making it rain GameStop Gift Cards for five lucky Game Informer readers:
Grand prize winner receives $300 in GameStop Gift Cards
Four (4) runner up winners each receive a $50 GameStop Gift Card

That's a lot of coins! So hurry up and enter, because this Giveaway expires on November 2nd and you can only enter once daily.  To get to the entry page... sorry, too late. Done. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Unlike the game, which... Wait, what is that you say? Platform app games are easy? Go check out the game and let's see how far you get!


Here's some screenshots:

  • I love Buck

  • Wow!!Gotta check this out.

  • Nice!

  • Buck? I didn't know that was his name. I see him all the time, too.

  • Does Gamestop sell candy?  If I win I want to buy candy.  I like candy.  Candy is yummy.  And she dances good too :)

  • Mod

    I could use this to buy the 3DS ^_^ Thanks Buck! Hope I win!

  • that bunny is awesome always has been better then them bunnies from rayman

  • thanks :)

  • Come on Buck I need this for New Vegas. Don't rob me of Fallout awesomeness.

  • Gimme, gimme, gimme!!! :P

  • his name is buck? it should be KAPOW

  • Asides from these GIO contests, where do you find all the contests that are listed to the right?

  • Please, Buck, please. I really need the money so that I can get a PS3. Pleeeeeeeease!

  • BUCK <33 sweet~~!

  • THREE $$$$$$$$$$ for Buck The Kick-@** Bunny!!!!

  • Buck is awesome and now he is giving people free things?

    I now worship him.

  • Sweet but dont have an iphone.

  • Sure I won't win, but why not just do it yeah?


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